Curvy Expo: More than just a day of fashion

When I decided I wanted to go to Curvy Expo I was both extremely excited and also strangely nervous. 

The excited part made total sense: it was the first expo for women’s plus-sized clothing and would have vendors and fashion shows and a meet and greet with bloggers too! But the nervous part was a little confusing.

I think it was partially due to the fact I was heading there alone, and also that it was a plus-sized event and that intimidated me. And I know this is because I’m still getting into the whole accepting that I’m plus-sized and this acted as a strange little ‘coming out’ party for myself. That might not make sense to you (it hardly does to me) but it was a little celebration for myself and it didn’t hurt I would get to see some of my favourite stores on the runway.

Getting to the show was a mission let me tell you! I got lost, multiple times, had to be rescued by an Uber and got there waaay later than i expected. Luckily I made it there in time to at least meet one of the bloggers I follow along with on social media, Amanda from The Latest Wrinkle

She was just as lovely (and fashionable) in person! 

She was just as lovely (and fashionable) in person! 

There were quite a few vendors at the expo but I will admit I spent most of my time at the fashion show. One booth that really caught my eye though was Renegade, a plus-sized clothing store from London, Ontario. They have an awesome retro feel to them and they’re not shy about bold patterns. 

And now, the fashion show. 

I’ve seen a handful in my day (this makes me sound like a fashion expert doesn’t it?) and I will admit they always bum me out a little. This is by no means my way of skinny-shaming because the girls are always stunning but it does induce a little bit of envy and then has me questioning what I should eat for the next weeks. 

This show though, in a word, was empowering. 

There was cheering and celebrating all sizes with beautiful clothes and amazing models. 

Here are some photos of the show and they by no means do the clothing or models justice, but it was just me and the good ol’iPhone and I made do. 

The fashiow had quite a few vendors featured but of course my favourites were Penningtons and Addition Elle

The expo also introduced me to Callista, a bridal line that specializes in plus-sized gowns! And they are gorgeous! 

Naturally I was also on Snapchat broadcasting the show too! So a few parts are sped up a little but this is the entire story from the show:

It was a total bonus that I got coupons with huge savings just for going to the event and I fully plan on taking advantage of them this weekend. Do you know how awesome it is to see the outfit on the runway and know that you can get it in your size? And that it’ll probably look good too? Very, very awesome. 


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