Wedding Inspiration for a Lover of Wine

It’s no secret that I love wine. 

I started out with Girl’s Night Out (now I shudder at the thought, way too sweet) and now I enjoy trying whatever someone recommends. 

Before you think this post is an ode to wine, it does have a wedding relation! Turns out wine, everything from the cork to that stunning merlot colour, can be perfect for a wedding during any season. 

Don’t believe me? Grab a glass and read on. 

Does this wine make me look engaged?

The engagement ring picture is on trend right now and it’s either done with your main man in the photo or in this case, you’re main vino. 

Before the Big Day even happens…

While I’m still out on if a save the date is even needed (it’s a heavily argued topic in the wedding stationery world) if you’re going to add the wine touch you best do it right from the beginning. 

Out of all these invitations options I adore the bridal shower one. It’s wonderfully girly, and has that note of fun that a bridal shower should have anyway. 

Who knew a wine stain could look so…classy? 

Location, location, location

Even if you’re not a fan of wine a vineyard is a stunning venue! You could have your wedding outside…

…or inside a cellar! Both are gorgeous options with excellent photo ops. I personally like the rustic feel of the barrels, but outdoor weddings make my heart skip a beat.

Final touches

For the decor, you could use the whole barrel (if you have the space) or go with just the bottles, which can be painted to match your colour theme.

For the men

It’s all about the details, like every other part of your wedding! Using corks as boutonnieres is a subtle yet genius nod to your love of wine.  

Don’t forget the ladies

I think about my (fictional) wedding a fair bit, probably more often than the average girl, and one thing I can never decide is the colour for the bridesmaids. This shade though…it has me thinking. 

Merlot looks just as good as it tastes! And it’s one of those colours that works on different skin tones, which is nice if you’re thinking waaaay like myself and have to consider a very fair sister and a maid of honour who tans three shades darker at least in a minute. 

A creative keepsake for Mr. & Mrs.

Instead of the traditional guest book, have your guests sign for a message in the bottle!

There are tons of variations of this too (Pinterest is your friend!) like signing a single wine bottle for the couple to drink on their first anniversary, if they can resist that long. 

For the guests

(Hint: click the image for the full DIY)

(Hint: click the image for the full DIY)

These mini bottles are so adorable that I want to give them out right now just for fun. If you’re going to do favours at your wedding, you might as well give your guests something that they are sure to love. 

Now do you get why I love the idea? After all, love gets better and better with age…just like wine! 




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