Appreciation ideas for the mother & mother-in-law!

When you get married you don’t just gain your other half, you gain a family and that includes a mother-in-law. Along with your own mom, these two ladies have been busy with wedding prep as well! And while you’ll get your fair share of gifts and treats, you can’t forget mom and mom-to-be when the day is done. Here are some appreciation ideas and gifts for these important women.

Something Sparkly
I’m sure there’s a quote out there somewhere that says you can never go wrong with jewelry, and it’s the truth. You can choose between the packaging having a message for her, or even the jewelry itself but both carry the same loving message.

Pull at the Heart Strings
There’s nothing wrong with being a little cheesy sometimes, especially when it comes to showing someone how much you love them! Picture frames, or even a phonebook, with pictures of you and mom, or your groom’s mom, are sure to make these moms tear up a little bit…so make sure you’re standing by with tissues and hugs.

Made with Love
Sure you can buy an adorable mug, but you can also have a DIY afternoon one weekend and create one yourself! This saying can be found all over Pinterest (with good reason, it’s perfect) and will complete any gift you decide to whip up for the moms!

A Little TLC
After weeks, months, sometimes even a year of planning the wedding she’s going to want some downtime and we don’t blame her one bit! Grab a gift certificate to a local spa and treat mamma to a day of pampering, or even a cute mani/pedi combo. If you’re tempted to keep this one for yourself, make it a spa day for two!

It doesn’t have to be anything big (unless you want to of course); even a little special something will show that you noticed how much work they put into the wedding, and how much you love and appreciate them. After all, they’re gaining a new daughter and something to remember the big day will be treasured!

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