Golden & Dainty: The Perfect Necklace Combo

Lately I’ve moved on from the statement necklaces I was crazy about last year and fallen in love with subtle pieces, especially ones you can layer.

And when I found Corbico Jewellery on Twitter reaching out to bloggers, I was more than willing to get involved. 

They’re an independent online boutique that has been around since 2010, and they’re based out of the UK. The owner, Nuria, runs the company with the help of her family and was lovely to talk with over email. 

Small businesses can be tricky with all the larger competition, but the collections are stunning and speak for themselves. But what really helps, and every business should be keen on this, is their customer service. They’re quick to respond and very helpful. 

The best part (and this could be that I’m a student) are the prices. The necklace that I received is on sale for less than eight dollars right now, which is crazy! 

My ‘Hand of Fatima’ necklace is from their Dainty Collection, which I adore. I love the simple design, and the first day I wore it I received compliments like no tomorrow. 

The Good: 
The necklace might be dainty, but it’s sturdy too. The clasp is strong and the chain is good quality. It’s made of hypoallergenic stainless steel too! The pendent is as intricate as it is beautiful, I absolutely love it. Shipping took less than two weeks and it even came with a coupon for my next purchase!

The Bad:
The hand is a little hard to move on the chain, which can be looked at as good and bad. It gets a little tricky to move back into place, but I can deal with that knowing it won’t slip off by accident. 

The Verdict: 
I would 100% purchase another piece from Corbico, especially this collection! I’ve already passed the name on to a few friends. It’s nice to support small businesses that send quality products instead of large ones where you don’t know what went into the process. 

(Sidenote: The reason I chose this specific design is I did a little research on the symbol and after everything that’s been happening lately it just seemed fitting. It’s considered to be a symbol for power, protection and strength and is thought to bring happiness.)



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