Janice Carol Cosmetics – Liquid Matte Lipstick

Can a girl have too many liquid lipsticks? 

The answer is no, never. Even if your bank account disagrees, which mine often does. 

I’ve written about my love for the liquid lipstick before and I have another to add to the list!

This one isn’t carried in drug stores or Sephora and that makes me love it just a little more. In fact, it didn’t even have a name when I picked it up, just a number (it’s shade 100) but the names will be online soon.

Janice Carol Cosmetics is owned and created by Janice Ross, who I happened to meet at an event by chance, and thankfully so.


She’s been working in the cosmetics world for around 35 years and is a makeup artist as well as a cosmetics consultant. She’s a busy lady to say the least. She once owned a boutique in Yorkville but once she saw the success of her makeup and skincare products she began to focus on them. 

She has a lot of products (all of which will be on her site which will be launching online shopping soon!) and her focus is really about the products not only making you look good but feel good too, which I love!

For being a makeup junkie, I never really considered how much yucky stuff you can be putting into and on your skin, seems counterproductive doesn’t it? But that’s not a worry with this line.

The lipsticks especially caught my eye (matte always does) and they’re mineral base & paraben free. They also smell like cupcakes, but that’s besides the point. They have avocado oil to keep them from feeling tight and dry and they have the lasting power I always want. 

She insisted I try a lipstick and I listened, mostly because when do I ever say no to trying new lippys, but I love the one she picked for me. It’s subtle, a rose shade, and makes me feel all springy and fresh. 

The Good:

Okay where do I start? Besides the founder being so lovely and having an amazing product, the lipstick really impressed me. The pigment is great, the texture is not drying at all, and it stays on for hours. Surprisingly though, the removal is easy too and you don’t have to scrub your lips for hours to take it off. It just feels good. And looks it too!

The Bad:

I don’t mind the sweet smell, but I know it might be strong for others. It does have a slight sheen to it that doesn’t make it completely matte but I know that can easily be adjusted with a tissue. The wand is long which threw me off the first time, I’m used to the short little ones like on the NYX lip creams!

The Verdict:

It comes off a little on glasses and such, but the colour doesn’t budge from the lips! It reminded me of limecrime (the smell & the good for you kind of thing) and Maybelline (the feel) but the size and price are better than both. Plus I think it’s cool to put a face to a brand and get to know their story, it makes it personal! I look forward to trying other shades, there’s a red I have my eye on, and the price is right. 

I can’t wait to try out more of her line! I’m certainly curious about the skincare products because  I’m always interested in products for sensitive skin. 

But until then, I think I found the perfect lippy for my upcoming graduation. 

Ta daaaaa, it's the perfect pink!

Ta daaaaa, it’s the perfect pink!

Janice is on Instagram & Facebook, so give her some love and stay tuned for her collection to go online! 

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