Berry inspiration for your wedding!

Berry tones have made it as one of the top wedding colours for 2016 and it’s no surprise.

The warm, rich colour has an elegant feel that goes with so many other colours that your possibilities are endless. And the colour can be made to work for any season, whether you are having a fall wedding or winter wedding, it’s perfect for the bride-to-be that’s still in the planning process!

Read on to get some gorgeous berry inspiration for your wedding!

You’re Invited!

Make your colour theme known right from the start with invitations decked out in the berry hue. You can go with a watercolour touch if you want it to be more subtle or go all out with a full, bold berry card.

Sip on it

A raspberry drink is easy to pull off with how much flavour the little berries have. If you’re not a fan of the flavour, you can even use the raspberries as garnish on the drinks. Either way it’s an easy way to add in your wedding colour and it’s a great detail.

The Sweet Life

Raspberry goes amazingly well with chocolate, especially white and dark. And because the colour is so rich it pops against any treat you want to serve your guests. If an entire raspberry cake isn’t your first pick, you can go for a smaller treat (like these delish looking cupcakes) to satisfy hunger, your sweet tooth and the colour theme.

Boy’s Club

A berry suit might not be the way to go, however adding in a touch of berry with an accessory for the groom and his boys is a great detail to have. You can do a bow tie like this dapper man that goes awesome with the grey, or the colour can be added in with a tie, socks, and even the boutonnière.

Your Main Girls

The bridesmaids might just be the best way to bring berry to your wedding, because who wouldn’t want to wear a stunning colour? And there are more shades of berry too — you can go darker or lighter depending on the season and the colour pairs well with other colours in the purple and red family; perfect if you want your bridesmaids to be mismatched.


Since berry is such a strong colour it goes well in a mixed bouquet because it doesn’t disappear against the other blooms. Like in the winter, you can add more of the berry colour (think holly berries, they fit right in!) that goes so well with darker greens and pops against the snowy surroundings.

Gettin’ Glam

Picking a lipstick to wear on your wedding day is a tough choice because your smile is going to be the star of a lot of photos. A raspberry lip, whether you go with a gloss or matte finish, works on almost all skin tones since it’s in the plum family which is incredibly flattering. And because raspberry has blue tones in it, the lipstick will make your teeth look whiter as well which is always a nice bonus.

Your wedding colour is certainly a chance to add more personal touch to the big day by picking your fave colour to display. Berry is a lovely choice for the bride who wants a bold colour to shine through because of its jewel tone and the way it goes so well with different colours! It can be dressed up and dressed down, and hopefully this post gave you just the right amount of inspiration to run with the berry theme.

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