Lingerie Must-Haves from Naturana

Last month I told you all about my Naturana Necessities  and they’re still staples in my wardrobe, even if you can’t tell when I’m walking down the street.

But bras and panties don’t always have to be about what you need, but what you want! And that’s what this post is about: the more fancy side of lingerie from Naturana that you’re going to want to slip into! 

There’s something to be said about a bra that makes you feel good but also feels good. I don’t know about you ladies but every single time I find a sexy bra it makes me cringe within an hour of wearing it. 

Not with these bras! Just like the every day bras, these all have the comfortable straps, stretch and support that you should look for in every bra. 

Let’s take a look! 

The Daisy Bra

This bra is so beautiful I feel like it needs to be a statement piece! 

The site says the bra is orange but I would say its more like a sherbert colour, orange sounds too harsh of a colour, or maybe even peach? Anyway, the colour is lovely. 

Of course the daisy details steal the show on this bra, and the sheer panels are just enough to take the bra from cute to hot – in the most classy way. 

The material is soft – yes even the flowers! And there’s elastic throughout which helps it from hurting. We’ve all worn bras that are stiff and hurt after a few hours, they’re the worst. 

A closer look at the flower details! The bra also has underwire which provides excellent support as well.

Triple hooks on the back which, like I mentioned in my previous post, is a rare find in the plus-sized bra world. 

This beauty can be bought here!

(Sidenote: These next three bras are similar in feel/look/comfort, so I’ll keep it short!)

The Floral Pinstripe Bra

It’s taking everything in me not to use a business type pun because that is of course what I think of when I hear pinstripes. 

This coral bra has the underwire and sheer panels as well with flowered lace and, my favourite detail, the lace trim! It’s almost like a scalloped edge, stunning. 

You can buy this bra here!

The Coquette Bra

My favourite of these last three, the coquette bra pair the brown and dusty blue perfectly.

The semi-sheer panels have the flower stitching which adds to the level 10 gorgeous of the bra and it too has that almost scalloped trimming that I love. 

Buy this bra here!

The Lace Topped Bra

This bra is basically a hybrid!

Why? Because it’s a strapless bra with the lace over top which really makes  it feel like a bralette but with better support and comfort for us girls that need it!

The overall lace is soft yet alluring (what a word!) and the colours are dreamy. 

And I was lucky enough to receive the matching panties too!

They have the lace detailing on the sides and the full set is perfect! And, you’ll be happy to know, the panties are just as comfortable as the bras…I know, like you had any doubt. 

You can buy this bra here!

I’m all for ‘practical’ undergarments and such but who says they can’t be playful too? You get the best of both worlds with this selection and I don’t think you can go wrong with that. 

And what else you can’t go wrong with? A discount on these bras & the entire site! Use the code ‘NAT20’ at the checkout to get 20% off your purchase. 

What bra is your favourite? Let me know in the comments and happy shopping!

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