Natural & hand-crafted skincare: Witch in the Woods

I love trying new skincare products. 

Seriously, it’s a weird obsession. But one that pays off nicely and doesn’t do me any harm (unless you count my bank account) and leaves me better than before.

I’m from a small town called Midland and last weekend when I had a little visit I also got to pick up an amazing package from a woman that my mom works with and has just started her own business of natural skincare goodies. 

Witch in the Woods  has natural ingredients and is hand-crafted, something that’s gotten quite huge lately. The products are always changing as she brews up new things at home. 

Look at all the goodies!

Look at all the goodies!

I’ve always wanted to try things from the store Lush but I love knowing exactly where something was made and came from so much more, and the products she gave me are amazing. I texted her right away because I am in love!

Let’s take a look:

Tiger Tail Bath Bomb

Bath bombs are a beautiful thing. 

Now, sadly, even though this smelled delish, the Witch in the Woods cannot make my bathtub longer. In my future home, I need a bath that lets me stretch on out! But that’s besides the point. 

It left my skin soft, the smell is relaxing and noticeable but not overwhelming and I still have one more to go! 

You should check out her Facebook  because she even has one called Man Cold, which makes me giggle. 

Pink Grapefruit & Peppermint Salt Scrub

The salt scrubs are what got me hooked in the first place. 

My mom had been given some and over time I would slowly steal them and bring them back to Toronto with me. Sneaky, I know. 

I am a sucker for anything with mint in it! It’s tingly and fresh and with the pink grapefruit it’s perfect for summer. A little goes a long way, as with all her products, and it’ll make showering feel like a spa.

My favourite part is that, unlike some body washes out there that use those little beads that are so not good for our planet, this is salt! So it’ll smooth out your skin with no harm done!

Body Butters

I had heard about this from my mom’s friends and they do not disappoint. 

These body butters make you so soft it’s insane, especially if you’re like me and are prone to dry and dull skin. Which is no fun come summer when you want to wear dresses and tank tops! 

I cannot stress enough how little you need to use to make a difference! Seriously! These little guys are going to last a long time which is amazing because I haven’t found a lotion that keeps my legs feeling smooth well into the next day.

I switch mine between the fridge and cool rooms so the oils don’t separate (on her recommendation) and it hasn’t been an issue so far!

First up is the chocolate orange, it makes me smell like a treat and I love it. 

This body butter contains: coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, sweet almond oil, and orange, tangerine and mint essential oils. All good things! All good moisturizing things!

This might be my favourite of the two if only because I never realized how amazing chocolate can smell on a person! 


But that’s not to say I don’t love this one too! Again, citrus is such a light, fresh scent that it’s perfect for summer. 

This one has: coconut oil, mango butter, hemp butter, apricot kernel oil, and ginger and tangerine essential oils.  You guessed it, all good things. 

My only tip is to leave a little extra time getting ready so your skin can soak in all the goodness instead of your clothes!

Lady Bug Face Scrub & Mint Lip Scrub

Of all the skincare products I buy too many of, face scrubs take the cake. 

The Lady Bug Face Scrub is so fine that it’s gentle enough for my very sensitive skin and still makes me feel like I’ve had a good scrub. And no micro-beads in sight!

I put on the Mint Lip Scrub at the same time and I’m going to just say it: so much better than the Lush lip scrubs! Banishes all signs of the dreaded chapped lip (which kills lipstick lovers such as myself) and does that tingly feeling I love. 

Tweedy Toner

I have a confession. 

I had never used a toner until this one. 

I had read about them, seen bloggers rave about their importance but never made the move. Now? I use this baby daily. 

Toners are very helpful if you have oily or acne-prone skin which I don’t have but they are also great if you use a lot of product, and some days I do. Most days really, I love a good contour. And since it’s summer (almost) your skin can get all sweaty and soak up some not so healthy things which is why this oner (that has that minty tingle) has become a staple for me. 

Magazine Cream

Don’t be too confused if you don’t know what Magazine Cream is because I sure didn’t.

Turns  out this cream has super healing powers and was made for a friend’s child who can’t pronounce eczema! So there, Magazine Cream was born. I have very dry skin behind one ear (strange, I know) and it’s already begun to clear up with the help of this cream. My hero. 

I would have to say my only negative about Witch in the Woods is that she’s far from me when I’m down in the city, but that only means I have reason to drop by home more often! 

Make sure to check out her page to see what she’s cooking up, the products she has, and the shows that she gets involved in too!




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