What even is a perfect wedding?

It’s the biggest day of your life, and you’ve been dreaming about it for years.

Now that the day is fast approaching, it’s imperative that you take all the necessary steps to gain perfection. But what exactly is the perfect wedding?

Good question. Many different factors contribute to the quality of your big day, but the key is to be well prepared. Without strategic planning, your dreams could soon descend into nightmares. Conversely, the right preparations will ensure that your big day fulfils all your wildest expectations and more

Here are a few things to keep in mind on your checklist!


When it comes to wedding appearances, no two couples are the same.

You’ll want to tailor flowers, interior designs, and other features to your personal preferences. However, those elements will be far easier to perfect when you’ve picked the right location.

A fantastic wedding venue will provide a wonderful platform to build your dream big day. There are various points to consider, such as whether to go for a church or another type of registered building. Alternatively, some couples love the idea of tying the knot in an outside location.

Along with setting the date, this should be the first item on your planning schedule. Once you know those fundamental features, think about other aspects will feel easy.


Above all else, you need to remember that the big day is about you.

The wedding ceremony is an unrivalled opportunity to celebrate the love you share in front of the people that matter most. It would be a huge waste if you didn’t do it in a way that highlights why that love is so special.

You can start to embrace your personality even with the early planning features. Wedding invitations by Paper Themes are the perfect item to embrace the uniqueness of your special day. Moreover, they can be used as a killer accessory in your bid to build a suitable theme.

Of course, you can continue to show this personality and character with your cake, flowers, and other key selections.

Make the big day unambiguously about the happy couple, and you won’t go far wrong.

The Guests

Nobody is more important than the bride and groom. Having said that, feeling the love of your guests can boost the enjoyment to a new level. Therefore, it’s always important to take their needs into account.

Showing your appreciation to the most important guests, such as the best men and bridesmaids, will generate a far greater energy. More importantly, though, you need to consider the logistical issues facing your guests. This is especially true if you’ve decided to tie the knot somewhere that isn’t close to home.

Perhaps the most important element, however, is to think about the seating plans.

Most families will have animosity between certain members. Keeping them apart with smart planning is vital as nobody wants a fight to ruin their big day. The best man can be extremely helpful here. Alternatively, you could just not invite those potentially disruptive guests, remember it’s your call!


If there’s one day for extravagance, it should be your wedding day.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t sacrifice the enjoyment of your future for the sake of one special moment. You don’t want to be tight. However, cutting a few corners where spending is unnecessarily high can help.

One of the easiest ways to save money is to think about the gifts. Rather than a present, why not ask your bridesmaids to buy their own attire. Similarly, you could ask guests to use their skills, such as making the flower arrangements and other features. I mean, seriously, how many toasters do you need anyway?

The average wedding in Canada is believed to cost around $30,717 (with the ring and honeymoon included).

 That could be a deposit on a house or a new car. Of course, you are going to spend big money on your wedding. Even if you cut 25% off of that figure, you’ll thank yourself in the long run.

After all, there are more important things on your big day than money but be smart about it!


Whatever happens, the wedding day is one that you’ll look back on with immense joy.

Sadly, you should be aware that you might not get much of a chance to take it in. The day will absolutely fly.

Therefore, you should look to capture the magic forever. A great wedding photographer will do just that while you can also give disposable cameras to your guests too. Either way, those snaps will ensure those memories last a lifetime. Furthermore, you can hire a videographer to make things even better.

The wedding day is the most magical moment of your life. It’s going to be stressful to plan, go by way too quickly and (hopefully) only happen once.

Give yourself a chance to remember it with pride, and you can’t go wrong!


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