Summer Recipe: Citrus Salmon

Oh cooking, how I wish I was a master of thee. 

Sadly, I am not. Although I have come along way from Mr. Noodles and microwaveable dinners that were my go-to when I was in university. 

Back at home my Dad is the chef of the house (sorry Mom!) and he is creative to say the least. He makes up things all the time and I’m pretty sure they always turn out, from what I can remember anyway. 

I, on the other hand, am a mix of winging it and following directions way too closely. It’s a weird balance but sometimes I freak out if I don’t have the proper ingredient or measurement.

Luckily, this recipe is not one of those times.

This is an easy, summer perfect dinner (or lunch if you sub in a fresh salad) that you really can’t go wrong with. There’s not a lot to stick to, I got the idea from dad himself, and I change it up every time I make it. But the tastiness remains the same!

And since yesterday was the first official day of summer, what better timing to try this one out?

So, Citrus Salmon. Let’s get cooking!

What You’ll Need: 

Like I said, you can mix it up but here’s what I went with for this round.

  • Sweet potatoes
  • Cauliflower (fresh but it could work with frozen, I respect a budget)
  • Spices of your choosing
  • Parmasean cheese
  • Olive oil (or veggie)
  • Orange juice
  • Maple Syrup
  • Butter
  • PIneapple
  • Apple
  • Salmon (fresh or frozen, I’ve only ever used frozen because I’m not that fancy) 

The Prep:

Perhaps the most work in this meal is the prep. Get your cutting board and knives ready.

There’s also no order really for this because one thing I have not mastered as a chef is timing. I’ll be honest that by the time I sat down to eat the cauliflower was cold, the salmon was kind of warm and the potatoes were hot. Still can’t figure that bit out. 

I do know it’s good to start boiling those potatoes early because they can take a fair bit, and preheat the oven to 450 F, for the cauliflower and around 420 F for the salmon! 

Break (or chop) the cauliflower on up into florets. I believe that’s what they’re called…sounds Master Chef so I’ll go with that. 

This is where the spices of your choosing come into play! I say a choosing because my spices are actually just a whole bunch that my dad put in a shaker so I can’t tell you what’s in there, but I can tell you it’s yummy. 

To coat the cauliflower well what I do is put the chopped bits in a freezer bag, add a little oil and the spices and mix it on up. I’m talking shake it real good! 

Spread those bad boys out on a baking tray evenly and sprinkle some parmasean alllll over. Pop them in the oven for around 25 minutes and flip them around a little about halfway too. 

Toasted and good to go! You can add an extra dash or two of good ol’ parm, I just love it so of course I do. 

Let’s see…the potatoes should be done boiling but have to get that salmon in! 

Guess how long it took for me to juggle my DSLR to take this stirring photo? Too long...

Guess how long it took for me to juggle my DSLR to take this stirring photo? Too long…

This is my favourite bit. 

Partially because I make it up as I go, partially because I love mixing things. There are no measurements here, so this is where you used you Chopped skills and freehand it. 

You’re going to mix the orange juice, maple syrup and a tad bit of melted butter in a bowl! You need enough to fill the pan at least so the salmon soaks it all in. 

Cut up your apple and pineapple and add that around the salmon like so…


Cover and put into the oven at around 420 F for around 20 minutes, but this depends on the thickness of the salmon naturally. 

I haven’t forgotten about the sweet potatoes!

They’ve been chopped, boiled and now it’s time to season them and fry them up just a tad. I add a little butter (tiny!) to a pan and the same spices as before to give them a little crisp. 

This doesn’t take longer than 10 minutes if you’re on high and then, my hungry friends, you’re ready to plate! 

A little close-up on the side veggies…

…and that yummy, flaky yet moist salmon! I always notice the maple flavour and it truly balances out the acidity of the citrus! 

The final meal!

So it might not be Food Network worthy just yet, but it’s getting there! 

Have a summer recipe you know I need to try? Leave a suggestion in the comments, I love trying new food!

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