5 Unique (And Classy) Ways To Have A More Colourful Wedding Day!

Clean and innocent white, accompanied by pastel shade are all wonderful for a wedding day.

But what about if you want something a little different? A little more unique? A little more… colourful?!

You can totally insert more colour into your wedding day, but in a classy way. Colour doesn’t have to be so loud that it makes your wedding more of a spectacle than anything, trust me. Here are a few ideas…

Coloured Wedding Shoes

It may be the case that you still want to have a classic white or cream coloured dress but maybe you want to funk it up somehow.

Flowers are a good place to do this buuuut you will keep putting them down through the day. Earrings are great for a dab of colour, but they might be hard to see, and may not show up on most of your pictures.

So, how about your wedding shoes? Even if you are wearing a long or floor-length dress, you will still see them. Every time you walk up or down stairs or sit down, you will flash them. This makes them a great place to have your pop of colour.

Go for red if you want to be bold and a little cheeky. Or how about blue? That way they can count as your ‘something blue’!

A Coloured Wedding Ring

Classic diamond wedding rings are truly beautiful. But what about if you want something a little different?

Check out turquoise wedding rings, or emerald green ones. Or how about ruby red, or sapphire blue? Plus, they give you colour on your wedding day and then for the rest of your life too!

Different Coloured Bridesmaid Dresses

Pastel colours are great for bridesmaids and totally on trend, but something a little more unique go for brighter shades.

Also, consider different colours for each bridesmaid. This has a number of benefits, besides being stylish. Firstly, it allows you to make the dresses more personalized, and you and she can pick a colour that compliments her hair, skin and eye colour. Second, it looks great! And third, slightly mismatched bridesmaids can also have the effect of making the whole wedding feel laidback and more casual. This is great if you want to achieve that feeling, and want your guests to relax and just take it easy!

Coloured Dance floor

There is a pretty good chance that dancing will take place at some point during your wedding day. This will most likely be at the reception and by this point, most of the formalities are over.

So, celebrate that and go a little unique on your dancefloor. Many brides and grooms go for brown wooden parquet, or white. Sparkly bits can also come in your white floors, so it creates a ‘starlight’ effect. How about you break the mold and get a coloured dance floor? It will act as an amazing centerepiece and make everyone gasp the first time it lights up! Plus it will look great on your first dance photographs!

Coloured Wedding Dress

Here is a way to make your wedding day more colourful, but it is truly not for the faint of heart!

How about having a coloured wedding dress? This will truly make both you and your day more unique. As for the colour, there are no limitations. For a starting point, check out royal blue wedding dresses. They are bold but elegant, and look fabulous with sparkling silver accessories.

If that scares you, just try adding a pop of colour underneath! Something you can show off when you dance, but keep traditional while standing. 

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