How to avoid having a boring (and forgettable) wedding!

With all the magazines and blogs like this one, you probably have a set idea about what a perfect wedding looks like.

Sure, that image might be reminiscent of a fairy tale but it can be easy to get too fixated on this one template.

I’m sure you don’t want a forgettable wedding, so read on! Here are a few ideas to make your day stand out during wedding season.

If you’re having your wedding in the height of summer, and it’s going to be largely outdoors, then consider a luxurious lounge area.

Hopefully, most of your guests will get busy dancing straight away. When they need a break though, having a plush little area for them will be a very memorable touch.

All you need to get a hold of is a large fabric gazebo, a couch and some chairs. Have a few pillows scattered around for your guests to sink into as well. This is a fantastic way to keep people involved in the whole atmosphere, even when they want to chill out.

Really want to add a taste of luxury? Close the area off with some curtains.

If your reception and ceremony are in two different places, then your guests will need to be shuttled over somehow. This is just another great opportunity for you to throw a unique touch into your whole day.

I’ve heard of couples who hired some nostalgic yellow school buses for the trip. I can imagine that’s not only memorable, but economical at the same time! If it’s all happening in a fairly rural area, then you might want to consider hiring some horse-drawn carriages. You might be overly excited about this idea now, but I’d cross it out if you’re having a lot of guests. Wedding caterers’ jobs are hard enough without having to worry about horses wandering around!

If you have the money to spend, hot air balloons are the one sure ingredient for a memorable wedding!

Finally, try and come up with a unique guestbook idea.

A typical guest book will capture the day just fine. You want to go above and beyond, right? There are a lot of ways to create a more unique guestbook.

Some couples lay out some template art, and invite their guests to put a thumb print under their name. Or, you might gather all the wine you’ve received together and lay out some paint markers for people to sign straight onto the bottle.

Another idea which I’m completely in love with is having a jigsaw made of a picture of you and your husband, and letting your guests sign the backs. These are just a handful of the creative ideas you could use to shake up the guestbook.

So some research on other ideas, and find one which means something to you and your partner.

I hope at least one of these ideas give you some inspiration to make your big day really special. Although it’s your wedding, don’t get too worked up over the ceremony itself. What really matters is your love for one another!

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