Ways To Show Your Appreciation To Wedding Guests

Let’s be honest; the bride and groom put a lot of effort into their wedding day. So do close friends and family, and people with a role in the wedding party.

But you know what? So do wedding guests, on some occasions.

To attend a wedding, your guests might have had to use a day or more from their holiday allowance. They may have to pay for a hotel or other accommodation. That’s not to mention travel, whether that is in their car or even trains or flights. They may bring a gift, and help in the run up in some way or another.

So how can you show your appreciation for such an effort? Here are a few ways.

Personalized gift box

If your guest has been with you in the run-up to the wedding, how about making them a personalized gift box. Inside you can put a mixture of different items that reflect them personally.

For a bridesmaid, how about a delicate initial necklace mixed with some makeup and toiletries. For men, how about some socks of their favourite superhero or cartoon characters.


Favours aren’t as common in weddings today as they used to be.

It might be because as a tradition, they weren’t that exciting! Who eats sugared almonds these days anyway. Have them as part of your wedding but do something a bit more exciting or different!

How about a homemade pot of jam? You could do multiple different flavours, and let people swap between themselves. Or a pot of honey, perhaps? If you fancy doing something else, how about a little bar of scented soap.

You can double up your favours as the place setting. Just put a cocktail stick with a flag on the end and the guests name, and use the favour as a base or holder. Simple!

Thank you card

Another thing that people often skip is a thank you card.

However, this is really sweet gesture. You could even use the opportunity to send a photograph taken on the day and some leftover confetti. You can find a suitable thank you card template online if you’re stuck for what to say or how to say it.

Buy cheaper stamps if it makes it affordable. How soon it arrives isn’t important, as long as it arrives eventually. Keep the weight down also; this will also help you save money.

Take them for a meal

If a guest makes a really big effort for you- through a way they helped you or having traveled along the way- take them out for a meal.

It is a more personal way of saying thank you and gives you some time to spend alone. Cover the bill and be sure to say thank you in person for their help and support.

Attend their wedding


If a guest used their time and money to attend your wedding, return the favour if you are invited to their wedding in the future. It is one of the very best ways to show your respect and appreciation for them.



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