Ideas to Create a Beautiful Laid Back Wedding

So, you’ve decided you want to have a laid back wedding?

Looking at how crazy some brides get, and what others let them get away with, this can seem like a radical idea.

But maybe you haven’t been dreaming about your wedding day for your whole life. Perhaps you want a nice party, but you know that the marriage is more important than the wedding.

As a couple, you’ve decided to keep things low-key. However, it’s not always as simple as you want it to be. Even if you want everything to be relaxed, things can get out of hand.

Make sure you keep it relaxed with these tips.

Resist Outside Pressure

You might want a relaxed wedding, but some people you know might take issue with it.

You don’t need the stress of mothers, sisters, friends, or anyone else dictating your wedding. Only two people should get the final say on how everything will go, and it’s the couple getting married.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to handle people who want to interfere in your plans. You have to learn to be firm and have the willpower to ensure that you get the wedding you want. Make sure your fiancé backs you up when you need it too!

No Formal Portraits

Traditional wedding photography involves lots of posing for the camera.

Aside from anything else, it takes up lots of time after the ceremony. If you’re not into stuffy portraits, you don’t have to have them. Look for a photographer who can offer you natural wedding photography that won’t make the whole day feel awkward. If you’re not a big fan of the camera but you still want photos from the day, it’s an excellent option. There could be a little bit of posing, but the photographer will try to capture the day in a documentary style.

Don’t Do a Sit-down Meal

Most of the time, you would plan a lunch or dinner sat down, with a number of courses. But if you’re trying not to be too formal, there are better options.

Finger foods from a buffet or a similar setup allow people to eat as much or as little as they want. Some people choose to hire food trucks so everyone can get some filling food but you no one has to work out which fork they’re supposed to use first.

You can even have some fun things so people can make their own desserts. For example, you could have an ice cream or cupcake decorating station.

Relax the Attire

Everyone can feel much more comfortable if the dress code isn’t so formal.

You could start with the wedding party by giving them some rules to follow but letting them choose their outfits. For example, ask the bridesmaids to choose a dress in a particular colour but let them pick the style. If you’re unsure, ask to have pre-approval on their outfits before they buy them.

Make sure to let your guests know that they can dress a bit more casually too!

Your wedding doesn’t have to be a super formal event. Bring it down and have a more relaxed day if you want to.



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