Wal-Mart Beauty Finds: The Good & The Bad

I am an impulsive beauty shopper. 

It’s quite bad actually, and my bank account would agree with this. But I really do love trying new things, especially when it’s under $10. 

Now I know, the whole quality over quantity. Well whoever came up with that reasoning didn’t factor in the curiosity factor. A full contour kit for under ten bucks seems crazy, and a lipstick that’s around two dollars? I’m there, for better or for worse. 

So naturally when I found myself at Wal-Mart I had no choice really but to pick up a few things. It took me forever if only because I hadn’t tried anything from these three brands and this Wal-Mart isn’t so keen on the whole tester idea. After a bit I chose three products, after I helped a few girls sort out their prom makeup woes which made me feel oh so old, and hit the road. 

Hard Candy – Look Pro! Ultimate Contour & Sculpt Kit

I am not a contour expert, I just think it’s loads of fun to do. And sometimes I nail it and look like a glowing goddess, which is a bonus. 

Contour kits are pricey, with good reason. They have to be blendable and getting the right one for your skin tone is key (as I have learned through trial and error).

This one caught my eye because the handy and cute packaging, and the price tag. Sitting at just under ten dollars, I thought it was quite the steal. Turns out I might be the one that got robbed, whoops. 

It comes in two shades: light to medium, and medium to dark. I went with the light to medium because I am one shade above albino, but now I’m thinking I could have gone darker. 

The Good and The Bad:

Love the brush, love love love! It’s wonderful for application and for blending! But that’s the best part of the kit sadly. Let’s break it down with what you get. 

Prep: Way too thick and sticky, making blending afterwards nearly impossible. 
Brighten: I can see where it’s trying to go but doesn’t quite get there, also certainly too light for me. 
Contour: I don’t hate it, but this is when I think I need darker. It doesn’t stand out after blending. 
Blend: Could work on a different skin tone, but has too much of an orange hue for my liking. 
Illuminate: Okay, I like this one. It’s not a bad highlighter!

The Verdict:

Wouldn’t buy again, or suggest to a friend. Or someone I’m not fond of, to be fair. I was sucked in by the price tag and now I have learned my lesson! 

New York Color – Smooch Proof Liquid Lip Stain

Liquid lipsticks of any type, my weakness. Actually lipstick in general I have a hard time saying no to! I went with the shade Forever Fuchsia, and it’s under five dollars!

I had never tried a fuchsia lippy so thought this would be a good time and I’m sold. It’s certainly a perfect colour for your pout now that the warm weather is here! 

The Good and The Bad:

You know when people say you can’t feel it on your lips? That’s this lip stain! It’s a very light weight, buildable colour that goes on like a gloss but dries matte with only the slightest sheen that can easily be made matte with a powder. I’m still impressed by the staying power. I haven’t tested its smooch power so I’m not sure how good it stays on in that situation, but it takes a good scrub to remove it. The only bad I can think of is that it doesn’t go on totally even, so you need patience. 

(Please note I'm using a different contour kit than the one in this post, and a bronzer by benefit!)

(Please note I’m using a different contour kit than the one in this post, and a bronzer by benefit!)

The Verdict: 

Would buy again! And want to buy different shades! I’m in love with this one and was certainly pleasantly surprised.

wet n wild – MegaLast Lip Color

Ah, this was the wild card of the day. 

There weren’t any testers, I haven’t used these products since maybe a lip gloss in elementary school and it was less than three dollars. I know the colour is a little more fall than that fuchsia shade, but I’ve been on the lookout for a nice brick red. And it happens to be a solid dupe for limecrime’s shade Riot. 

I kept my expectations low and it paid off because this lippy was my favourite purchase of the day!  

The Good and The Bad 

I was shocked by this lipstick and I’m not even exaggerating! It went on smoothy, stayed a rich matte colour, and stuck around. Not quite lasting through food, but would do great for a party. The colour is exactly what I wanted and I really need to try more of these little guys. Doesn’t dry the lips out and doesn’t feather or bleed, yet is also not torture to remove. You have me, wet n wild. 

All smiles with my new found love.

All smiles with my new found love.

The Verdict:

Buy these! Now! Again, my favourite product from the day and I’m now looking for a reason to wear this out again. 

Have you ever risked a beauty buy and gone for something unheard of just for the sake of saving a few dollars? Let me know how it went for you! 


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  1. Lisa
    June 8, 2016 / 9:39 pm

    Your Witch in the woods lip scrub will deal with the lip stain removal…. And with regular use help with the uneven application…… Just saying! 😉

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