The Essential Engagement Ring Guide

An engagement ring is the most unique piece of jewelry a woman will ever wear.

Not only will she wear it every day, but it also signifies the promise between you and her.

If you are looking to purchase an engagement ring, check some of my advice below and get one that matches how wonderful she is.

The Shape

There are lots of different diamond shapes to consider when choosing an engagement ring, and the shapes refer to how the diamond is cut.

This affects how the light falls on it and how reflective it is. Bear mind that your potential fiancé may already have an idea of the cut of diamond they would like so dropping a few hints to get a sense of this is no bad idea.

Getting a ring your beloved will like shows how much you listen to them and how well you know them.

Although all diamonds sparkle beautifully, there is none more bright than a cushion cut diamond. T

his is a rounded square and is one of the softest and feminine cuts available. The cushion cut can be seen as both traditional and modern, and it really does depends on the setting. A pretty platinum setting with a cushion cut diamond is a classic modern look.

Whereas a filigree setting will give you that old fashion glamour.

Another key diamond cut is the princess.  

This is a square cut diamond. Imagine a princess diamond in an ornate gold setting for a more traditional look, while in a floating setting it is more neutral and modern.

The Cost

The cost of an engagement ring can be something of a sticky issue.

Tradition suggests that a full two months wages is the correct amount to spend on a ring.

I would say take serious caution here; it is better to get a ring that is within your budget because weddings and engagements are very expensive things. If you’re going into debt for the ring, this will put the wedding waaaay back, and you will have to compromise on items for the big day.

Remember it is not just the cost, but the thought that goes into it, that your partner will love.


Another key trend is to design the ring yourself and have it custom-made.

Many people now order custom engagement rings online. Before you do this make sure to research the seller and their process. A good example of how to do this the James Allen Review from YDG, which gives you all the information that you will need, to confidently buy online.


There is a definite trend (my favourite!) towards vintage and vintage style vintage style rings at the moment. These are ideal for people that are both a little bit quirky or a traditionally romantic sort of person. If you choose to buy a genuine vintage ring you may be able to get more for your money.

Make sure you have the ring valued and certified and ensure that the setting is secure so you won’t lose any stones!

Whichever ring you choose, enjoy this happy time and check out my article here to help you plan your wedding essentials.

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