Yves Saint Laurent Vinyl Couture Mascara – Review

Another day, another mascara.

Thanks to the ladies over at PARTYSKIRTS I was able to get my hands on the new YSL Vinyl Couture Mascara, which was perfect timing because I was already lusting over it after seeing a few fellow bloggers try it out. 

As much as I love the mascara after wearing it a few days, I’ve got to say YSL also nailed it with their packaging – it’s hands down the most stunning I’ve unwrapped in the last few months. Have I mentioned how much I love getting mail?


The collection holds many bold colours that are great for mixing & matching, which is a daring look that’s certainly on trend right now. All the shades are: 

  • Clash Black
  • Unpredictable Aubergine
  • Excitement Green
  • Mirage Hazel
  • Trouble Blue
  • Madness Fuchsia
  • Craze Purple
  • Storm Dark Sparkle
  • Fire Gold Sparkle

I have Clash Black, which is totally okay with me because I like to keep the bold colour on my lips. But hey, maybe not everyone associates coloured mascara with horrible grade school flashbacks. 


YSL promises a mascara that provides both length and volume, and I see more of the length than anything. It’s not as glossy as I thought it would, considering the name, but it does have a slight shine to it. 

You can tell that the brush is packed with bristles and they do a great job of picking up the lashes, adding to the intensity of the mascara. At first I thought the dense bristles would cause some clumps, but nothing so far! And no flaking and smudging in sight, even with this heat.

I only wore one coat the other day, and it can be passed off as a more natural looking mascara as well! So it’s build-able, which is a plus. 

So maybe the worst swatch picture ever - just one coat, no lash brush and nothing on bottom!

So maybe the worst swatch picture ever – just one coat, no lash brush and nothing on bottom!

The strangest bit is probably the smell –  mandarin, jasmine, and vanilla…in a mascara. I’m not big on scents near my face and sure it’s subtle but it’s there. 

So overall? I would give this mascara a 7/10. I’m taking points off because there’s not a noticable shine (so what makes it different, really?) and the price is high considering what else is out there that does a similar job. What’s it go for? Around $30…a little steep! 



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