Make it a Wedding Reception to Remember with these Unique Table Themes

A wedding day is an occasion to reflect the interests, hopes, dreams, and romance of your relationship.

Instead of planning for plain magnolia themes, use them as your canvas: your favourite hobbies as a couple should be at the forefront of any reception.

From comedy lovers to passionate followers of your local side, there are lots of ideas which will make your reception a truly unique affair!

The Music Lovers

If your love story is all about the soundtrack, add some musical elements to your wedding reception.

Take inspiration from traditional orchestras, roll up sheet music and placing the scrolls in a decorative mason jar. Or cut shapes out of sheet music to make charming table numbers which can be placed amongst traditional flowers. Vinyl pressings of your favourite love songs are easily fashioned into beautiful table markers, and are ultra romantic. 

The Sweet-hearts

Do you and your partner have a sweet tooth?

Candy inspired table decorations will reflect your soft spot for sugary treats. Place a mason jar full of colourful retro candies at the centre of every table, it’ll bring some vintage charm and will keep everyone’s energy levels up for the party!

Personalised Love Hearts are the must-have romantic sweet for weddings. Many independent candy stores will also be able to prepare impressive table displays that will have mouths watering. Goody bags filled with your favourite sweets are a tasty favour for guests of all ages to take home.

The Traditionalists

Are you a couple that recognizes the finer details and that find beauty in simplicity? If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it, right? 

A sophisticated sit-down dinner reception is not complete without the formal table settings. Place classic silverware in order of use alongside luxury round and square tablecloths for weddings. An elegant vase filled with white roses is all the detail needed to complete a table inspired by the classic love stories.

The Sports Fans

Sports jerseys don’t fit the dress code of such a formal occasion, sorry ladies and gents.

 Incorporating your team’s club colours into decorations is a much more subtle way to wear your passion on your sleeve. Tables named after popular sports players is also a novel choice. It will help to get your groom involved in the proceedings too.

So if you both love the Toronto Blue Jays, for example, you could begin with simple white tablecloths then add elements of red and blue throughout. You could even add a mini blue jay figurine to your table bouquets!

The Nature Lovers

If you’d be happy to wed in a woodland wonderland, bring the beauty of the outdoors into your reception with lots of natural materials.

Use burlap fabric with feathers and string to make authentic table numbers. Swap traditional floral table settings for mini-terrariums in jars. Source recycled pieces of plywood from building sites to upcycle and use as a welcome sign.

The Jokers

Did practical jokes make your love blossom?

A good sense of humour can sweep a girl off her feet. Get guests involved in your comedy double act by providing each table with a Wedding Speech Sweepstake board. Each table could include a jar full of jokes to get everyone chuckling.

Novelty flavoured sweets might leave a sour taste, but will raise a laugh!


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