A Garden on my Wrist – Real Flower Jewelry by FlowerMoon

I love all things pretty and lovely, I’m sure you’ve grown to realize this by know. And my favourite things are flowers, of all kinds. They’re the epitome of lovely to me, whether they be in a vase or in a field, and my apartment feels a hundred times better when I have fresh ones. 

Sadly though, I am horrible at keeping said flowers alive. Like, really horrible. We’re talking I killed a cactus…I didn’t even know that was possible. And then my dandelions went down and now I’m trying to grow sunflowers of all things. So while I love the flowers, I’m not too good at keeping them around. 

What does my lack of green thumb have to do with fashion? Take a look at this bracelet and you’ll start to get it. 

Inside that pretty pink pendent is Queen Anne’s Lace, which according to FlowerMoon’s site is for the dreamers. Perfect for me I would say! To see their entire Queen Anne’s Lace collection take a look here, you’ll be able to spot my bracelet too!

And a little closer look…

This is the image found above the Queen Anne's Lace collection! Love the description, and that every flower they use has symbolism. 

This is the image found above the Queen Anne’s Lace collection! Love the description, and that every flower they use has symbolism. 

And that’s just one of the collections – they have five…including my favourite flower: the daisy.

If you’re curious about the process (I know I was) I grabbed a shot of their site that explains. It’s a total bonus that their website is easy to navigate and is full of wonderful quotes.

Cool, huh?

Cool, huh?

What they’ve created at FlowerMoon is every bit beautiful and magical, just like they say, but there’s even more to it. 

It would be enough for me to love this bracelet because of it’s beauty but FlowerMoon also does good for others. 10% of what they make goes to charities supporting depression and mental health research – a cause I believe in deeply and wrote about for numerous publications when I was in college. To read more about who they are, make sure to read their ‘About FlowerMoon‘ section on their website. 

The quality is there and you can tell the bracelets are made with the love and creativity that FlowerMoon has. I adore my bracelet and it doesn’t hurt that I don’t have to worry about these flowers dying on me!




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