Buy Him Bespoke And He’ll Think You’re His Perfect Fit

We all know that men are exceptionally difficult to buy for. Seriously, I don’t get how it can be so difficult but it is!

It seems so often that when it comes to buying gifts, advertising is geared towards women. This often leaves us stuck when it comes to Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries. Couple that with the fact that men are sometimes (most of the time) stuck in their ways, and it gets even more difficult. They aren’t lured by shiny, pretty things, or glossy lipsticks and sparkly eye shadows like some women, including me, are!  

But here’s a brilliant idea: why not buy him something bespoke? Bespoke is a fancy way of saying made to order, which means it’s made just for him. Your gift will be thoughtful, custom-made and one-of-a-kind. 

Still stuck? Check out my ideas below!

Bespoke Clothing

Once he’s had his first item of bespoke clothing made, you’re in trouble!

Why? Because it’s doubtful he will want to go back to ready-to-wear. Bespoke clothing offers the perfect fit, proportions, cut and colour. Your man will become the most stylish on the block, not a bad deal if you ask me. 

Men tend to have fewer clothes than women so for them owning a few items that are custom-made to fit is something very special that will be treasured. A tailor-made shirt will up the ante for your man in the style stakes. Better still, for a very exceptional gift, why not treat him to a handmade suit? Bespoke suits are one of the ultimate accessories that should be in every man’s wardrobe. To create a men’s bespoke suit, every inch of him will be measured to ensure the perfect fit and then he will have a choice of seemingly endless fabrics and can decide how he wants his collars and cuffs.

The craftsmanship he will receive from having a suit tailor-made will be second to none and it is sure to be a gift he will treasure for a lifetime.

Bespoke Shoes

Another beautiful gift for a man is a pair of bespoke shoes.

Most women have endless amounts of shoes (like Carrie Bradshaw) but a man tends to have less and those he does have he will (hopefully) want to take care of. The craftsmanship of bespoke shoes will ensure they last a lot longer. His shoes will be individually made and tailored to his exact measurements, just like clothing would. The finest of bespoke shoes will mean he has been able to choose the heel height, the sole, the leather and the shape of the instep. He will be able to choose his style with everything from brogues to boots to loafers. And the fit will be impeccable.

Bespoke Diary

On a smaller scale, if you still want to buy something bespoke, a monogrammed diary makes an elegant and classic gift for a man, especially if the man in question has an artsy side to him.

Luxury British brand Smythson offers beautiful cross-grain lambskin diaries in an array of colours. The brand also offers a personalization service so you can have your diary monogrammed with his initials for a unique one-of-a-kind gift that he can carry throughout the year.  You can even choose the position and font of the personalization and also add a motif if you’d like.

I love custom gifts more than anything and while you can’t really surprise your man with a bespoke suit (unless you’re really sneaky with measurements) it would make an amazing gift. 

What would you choose as a custom gift? Let me know below!

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