Start Preparing For Your Wedding Dance With These Easy Steps

Tradition shows us that a newly married couple must have the first dance during their wedding reception, and I love this tradition!

It’s a chance for the newlyweds to hold each other for the first time as husband and wife and then your friends and family can join you on the dancefloor to celebrate your union and happiness. It’s one of the most personal details of your wedding and can help make the day as memorable as possible, and it’s something you won’t forget anytime soon.

Despite its importance, many couples don’t prioritize the planning of their wedding dance. To make it a unique and momentous detail within your wedding, you can follow these easy steps.

Choose the perfect song

The song you choose for your first dance will strongly influence the style of dance you can perform. So sit down with your partner and start thinking of possible song choices.

This might be from your first day or a song you were listening to when you got engaged. It may even be a song by a favorite band or artist that you both love. Use music sites like Spotify to listen to potential tracks and playlists. Ideally, you want something that has a consistent beat, to make it easier to dance to.

This is something you should start thinking about well in advance as it can take time to find the perfect song (I already have my wedding song, and I’m not even engaged).

Take a dance class

Once you’ve chosen your song, you need to find a dance style that suits it.

Visit a local dance school or class and ask for the instructor’s guidance. You can play them your song, and they should then be able to offer suitable suggestions. They might think that a ballroom or tango routine will be appropriate. In which case, you and your partner can join a beginner’s dance class to see whether you enjoy it or not.

You need to have fun when you dance, and it should reflect the style of your wedding and your personalities. So if their suggestion is not what you had in mind, try something else. There are many different styles to choose from, so it shouldn’t be hard to find one that suits.

Make a weekly schedule

Even though you will have thousands of other things you need to do before your wedding, you need to make time to practice.

Check both yours and your partner’s availability each week and use this to create a weekly dance schedule. This should start at least four months before your wedding day and you should try and attend at least one dance class per week. But if you or your partner find dancing difficult (I know I will), it might be beneficial to have more. Your schedule should also include practice sessions at home, where you both have a spare hour or two. This will help you to retain the steps and help you make quicker progress with your routine. Keep your schedule regularly updated to help you stay on track.

And make it fun! Sure practice is work, but hopefully it’ll be a break in the week you look forward to.

Instead of leaving it to the last minute, follow these steps and plan your wedding dance in advance. That way you can create something original and special, while also learning a fun new skill together. I

t’s bound to impress your guest and be a talking point for years to come, and a memory to cherish every time you hear your song again. 

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