Wedding Trends: All About the Mugs

Keeping up with wedding trends can be trick if only because there’s so many all the time! I’m going to try and do a series of my favourite wedding (or wedding related) trends to keep you in the know, and because I love scoping them out on Pinterest.  And by all means if you have a wedding trend you love let me know & I’ll check it out! 

So where to begin? 


If you’ve been on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest basically anywhere on social media in the last year you’ve seen an engagement announcement with the mug. It doesn’t even stop there and there are so many options! I have a strong love for mugs, I have way too many that my sister actually told me I’m not allowed to buy anymore, so I will live through these photos. 

It’s really, really hard to narrow down the ones I’ve stumbled upon but here goes (in no particular order):

The real OG of all the mugs. This engagement announcement is huge on Insta and Pinterest. After this one blew up. the varieties quickly followed. 

It also doesn’t hurt that these mug shots give you a chance to show off your new favourite piece of jewellery. 

Of course even thought the mugs are always adorable, they can be practical too! Mugs are a great addition to an engagement shoot to show off when your big day is going to be. 

Also practical? Letting your wedding party in on the mug action! 

Better yet? Give them out as favours too! 

Lastly, my fave of the mug trends: the couples’ mugs!

Every time someone buys one (or something similar) at work I swoon a little, because that must be what true love it. Well okay maybe not, but pretty close I’m sure. 

And they don't have to be traditional!

And they don’t have to be traditional!

Huge bonus points if you can guess what show this next set is a reference to: 

The best part about these? They are totally DIY! Of course you can buy them as well if you’re not crafty (like me) but with a mug and a sharpie you could make one personalized. 

Have an idea for a wedding trend I should write about? Let me know in the comments! 

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  1. Barbara
    October 21, 2016 / 4:22 am

    Those mug pictures are the cutest!! I did one for my wedding, I love them. Great job Bri 🙂

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