Unique Ideas To Make Your Wedding Day More Fun

Weddings can sometimes get a little heavy with tradition.

There are so many wedding etiquettes to consider that the fun of the day can become slightly stifled. The reception, in particular, should be a really fun event celebrating love, life, and friendship. But with all the formality of the day, is it possible to bring a little more fun to the proceedings?

Your traditional idea of a wedding car might be a gorgeous limousine. Of course, there is nothing stopping you choosing a different mode of transport to get you to the wedding!

Why not ride a motorbike, or take a convertible sports car? You could invite everyone to drive to the wedding venue with you in an open top bus or in a long procession of horse and carts. Do away with tradition and arrive in style the stylish way!

Wedding vows are usually rather solemn. But aside from the legal part where you say ‘I do’, you are free to say (almost) anything you like.

Perhaps you can write a poem, or recite the lyrics of your favourite song. You could even sing a song! You will need to let your celebrant know what you want to do as you only have a limited amount of their time. But mix it up a little and have fun with your declaration of life-long love and commitment.

The reception can become a little formal, especially with a sit-down meal.

But when the toasts are made, you can have a lot of fun. More and more people are choreographing big dances for everyone to enjoy and join in. You don’t need to stop there. A full theatrical production or a singing choir could bring a lot of energy to the event. You can be as elaborate and showy as you like -make it fun.

To record the day, you might have a professional photographer. But the best pics are always the ones of your friends having fun. Companies like Melbourne Memories photo booth hires can make a day special if you install a photo booth at your reception. That way you can have countless fun shots featuring all your friends. Save them all for the album or print them out as wedding favours!

The end of the night can be a bit dull as the evening winds down. Everyone is a bit tired by this point, and they’re all waiting for you to throw the bouquet. Y

You can make it a bit more fun by setting challenges for the guests to undertake with your bouquet as the prize. Or why not drop petals or balloons from the ceiling instead of your bouquet? Your wedding can be as fun and unique as you are!

Weddings don’t have to conform to traditions or formal standards, unless that’s been your wedding dream! After all, you’re only doing this once (hopefully) and it should be the party you’ve always wanted. 

Which weddings have been the most memorable for you, and why?

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