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Confession: as much as I love Joe Fresh clothes (especially their dresses!) I’ve never purchased any of their beauty products. 

I don’t exactly have a reason why I haven’t but I do know that that will certainly change in the future after trying three of their new core products (just came out in August so should be in your local Shoppers now) and they’re just as amazing as the clothing. Why did I ever doubt?

I was sent three products to test out and I am impressed. I was skeptical of all of them, apparently I have makeup trust issues, but I can now say I’m pleased with my new makeup bag additions. Okay plus a really cute makeup bag, that was a bonus. 

CC Translucent Pressed Powder 

This power has tiny colour-correcting pigments to help even out skin tone, something I desperately need. It is mostly white though, so I would say this is best for fair skin tones because it does make me a little pale so I’m not sure how it would be on someone with a darker complexion. It’s certainly lightweight and keeps me shine free, but doesn’t seem like you’re adding another layer, if that makes sense. 

Even though it’s a compact it comes off onto a brush really, really easily. Seriously it’s like tapping into a loose powder! This doesn’t bother me at all, but less is more in this case. Don’t go brush crazy, this little fella will last awhile. 

At $12 I think it’s worth it for sure and it’s a product I now use everyday. 

Universal Brow Sculpting Wax

Maybe the strangest of the three products, because how is universal really a term in the beauty world? Luckily this wax worked perfectly on me, when I’m going for a natural brow look. 

On me it adds just the slightest bit of colour, needed because my brows are very light, and keeps them in place. If you happen to touch them after sure they feel waxy, but I feel like that’s a given and never would bug me. 

The sculpting wax is also $12 and I’m also going to say it’s 100% worth it because of 1) how long it’s going to last me and 2) the versatility. 

Eye Shadow Palette in Neutrals

Ahhh, my favourite of the three! 

Sadly one shade suffered an injury during the daily routines but still, this palette is amazing. I mean Joe Fresh says that they’re velvety soft and they are not messing around. They go on smoothly and that makes blending very easy! I also love that there’s both matte and shades that have a little sparkle to them.  

The first on the second row from the top makes a perfect highlighter and I love lining my lash line with the bottom left. I haven’t had the chance to do a smoky eye yet (I need a night out!) but this palette has that covered too, even though it’s neutrals. Love, love, love. 

Here’s the products in action! See what I mean by a natural brow? I’m honestly horrible at brows, my sister is the queen of them, and it takes me forever. So if I’m in a rush (or feeling lazy) I grab this wax instead!

Browse other Joe Fresh products here & let me know what you’re going to pick up next or love already!

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