Quo Limited – Edition Fall 2016

One of my favourite bits about fall is the makeup. 

Darker lipsticks, smoky eyes, I switch back to foundation instead of a BB cream…I love it allll! When LexPR sent me products from the Quo Limited-edition Fall 2016 collection I was way too excited and with good reason – these products are lovely! 

Shall we take a look? 

Quo Eye Shadow Palette – Clean Sweep

Can you remember the last time you used blue eye shadow? ‘Cause I do and it was grade eight and it was a bad choice. So walking into a store I certainly wouldn’t have picked this palette up but I’m glad I’ve had the chance for it to (slightly) change my mind. 

I think it’s because they’re matte that the blue isn’t as scary on as I envisioned. I do love the neutrals and the greys, and the darkest blue adds a pop to a smoky eye. The only part I’m not a fan of is the pigmentation – the shades don’t show up on my skin as I would like them to! Blending them simply wipes the colour away, and I can’t seem to figure out how to make the colours stand out a bit more. 

While I do think the colours are perfect for day or night, I don’t think I would buy the palette for $18. 

Quo Brow Palette Raise Your Brows

...lowkey very proud of these photos but hey

…lowkey very proud of these photos but hey

I’m still slowly and surely getting into brow products, mostly because I’m not very good at brows. My sister can do them just so darn perfect and then mine change every day. 

I love that this palette comes with two shades and the cream, very similar to a brow gel. Sadly the darker shade is too dark for me (when I’m blonde at the moment!) and the lighter shade has warm undertones that go a little orangey with my skin tone. The cream is great for keeping hairs in place though! 

Honestly if my hair was a little darker than this would be perfect. The brush (an end for the cream, and an end for the powders) makes application really simple and they go on smoothly. At $12, I would recommend this! Especially if you’re not a blondie like me. 

Quo Matte Lipstick – Red Alert


If you’re going to Shoppers to pick up anything from this post, please let it be this lipstick! 

It’s matte, comfy, non-drying and does a pretty good job of staying in place. It’s one of three shades in the limited-edition collection for fall and I am so, so happy it’s mine. 

Did I mention it’s just $14? Seriously, it’s a must-have. 

The lippie in action!

The lippie in action!

Quo Brush Set – Brush Up!

Slight disclaimer: I’ve never owned brushes that were more than a couple dollars. 

That being said, I think these are amazing but I don’t have much to compare them to! The set comes with six gorgeous brushes (in the most stunning, fall colours) and that includes: 

  • Liner Brow Brush (I use this for my gel liner!)
  • Blush Brush (also good for good ol’glow)
  • Powder Brush
  • Foundation Brush
  • Eye Shadow Brush
  • Lip Brush (perfect for lining lips or getting a really accurate application with a liquid lippie!)

They also came in a super cute bag that has the most lovely scallop detailing!

The brushes retail at $50 and since it comes with six, that’s a great deal. It took a bit to get used to applying makeup with brushes, seriously I usually just use my fingers, but I’m really happy with these ones! And they certainly are a higher quality than my usual go-to brushes. I probably would have bought this set if I hadn’t got it, I’ve been on a good brush hunt for a while!

This collection will be available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart mid-September this year so keep a look out and tell me what you pick up! 

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      September 26, 2016 / 8:55 pm

      Me too! And they’re perfect for fall!

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