Four Inventive Themed Wedding Ideas

Ahh, themed weddings.

We either love or hate them, but they sure are memorable! Whether you’ve been to a themed wedding already or just love the idea, it can be a great way to set your wedding apart from all the rest. You can be in control of just how much you want your theme to be a part of day. Some people want just a few themed touches here and there, whereas others go full throttle and incorporate it into every aspect of the day. If you’re considering a themed wedding, here are some of the most popular ideas to get your inspiration flowing.

Disney Wedding

What little girl didn’t sit in front of the television, Cinderella on screen, and dream about being a Disney princess?

If a fairytale wedding sounds right up your street, there are plenty of ways you can incorporate Disney into your day. First, decide if you want to channel a specific Disney princess. You can actually buy specific gowns that mimic the style of a specific character – whether you’re a fan of Elsa or Belle. Your first dance will also (of course) need to be a Disney song. If you’re searching for a wedding DJ in London, make sure to inform them of your requests. Classic songs such as A Whole New World from Aladdin are popular first dance songs for themed weddings.

Retro Wedding

If effortless coolness is your thing, why not consider a retro wedding? Take inspiration from eras gone by to influence your food, drink, transportation and dress. The 50s is a particularly popular decade to channel for wedding days. Try a pin-up style dress instead of the traditional floor length gown – these can often be more flattering and wearable too. Hire out a vintage car to take you to the ceremony and reception, such as an old Chevrolet. Or, if you really want to commit to the theme, rent a 1950s Ford Deluxe – it’s the same car known as ‘Greased Lightning’ in the movie Grease.

Harry Potter Wedding

This one might be a little zany for some people’s tastes. However, a large proportion of millennials getting married now grew up with Harry Potter. Therefore, it’s no wonder it is a popular theme to choose for a wedding. Walk down the aisle to the now iconic theme composed by John Williams, and have an owl as your ring bearer. Before the wedding even begins, send out ‘Marauders Map’ themed invites to set the scene for your guests. Even if some of your attendees aren’t familiar with the books or films, they are sure to enjoy the magic of it all.

Bond Wedding

If a slightly more grown-up affair suits you and your partner, a James Bond themed wedding could be the perfect option for you.

Ask your guests to all come in black tie – most of them will relish the chance to get truly dressed up! Invest in some fun props for the day and of course, serve plenty of martinis.

Are you team theme or no? Let me know you’re wedding plan!

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