The Naturana Necessities

Of all the articles of clothing I dislike shopping for bras take the number one spot. 

I think it’s because there are so many types and fits and fabrics and straps or no straps, it’s all quite complicated.

So, naturally, I’m forever on the lookout for solid quality bras that:

1) don’t break the bank
2) can last all day on the comfy scale
3) make me look good! 

These sound like three easy things to check off and maybe I’m just picky but I have been having a haaaard time! Combine that with a serious lack of patience and you have yourself a bra hater of sorts. 

Naturana has been around for a long time but this is my first time wearing their different styles and I haven’t stopped since they came in the mail. 

Yup mail, that’s one HUGE pro – they’re so true to size that online shopping is easy breezy. 

Enough gushing, let’s take a look at three of their bras that have become staples to my (under) wardrobe. 

The Nude Bra

Summer is the season for sheer shirts and that’s when nude bras are your best friend. 

This bra is seamless in the best way that allllll clothing just slides on over but it’s still supportive of course. 

The inside has, and this is where my fashion lingo fails me, the softest, most fuzzy lining! I took a picture (above) to show what I mean, and that lining is certainly a factor in the comfort.

If you too wear plus-sizes you might be just as surprised as me that there’s only three hooks! I haven’t worn a three-hook bra since well quite a few years. Yet these three little guys, thanks to the stretch that wraps around, did their job very well! 

The straps on this bra are the widest of the ones I have, including the white one, which helps them stay in place and doesn’t put too much pressure on the shoulders. It’s, of course, more minimizing than a push-up but doesn’t keep the girls too far down.

Full support, all day comfort and seamless under clothing too!

Full support, all day comfort and seamless under clothing too!

The Classic White

Who knew a white bra could feel so….young? And dare I say, sexy? 

Perfect for light coloured shirts (but not sheer, I’ve learned!) this comfortable classic is a bra that will ease into any season. 

This bra is a push-up but does the job with taste and doesn’t make me feel like I’m going too crazy with the cleav,’ a fear of mine always. 

The straps are thinner than with the nude bra but thanks to the elasticity of them they are just as comfy, and it also has the three hooks in the back.


Push-up with a little more oomph!

Push-up with a little more oomph!

The satin detail at the top is a nice touch to the style but keep the bra looking contemporary too. This isn’t your grandma’s white bra, that’s the feel I get from it and I love it. 

Black Lace Bralette 

We all have those days where we don’t want to wear a bra but sometimes we still have to and that’s where bralettes come in. 

Perfect for lounging around the house when you still want to feel like you have everything together and haven’t turned into a total couch potato. Speaking from experience? Maybe. 

This black lace piece has the support of a sports bra but gives you a gorgeous edge with the lace wrap detail. 

Careful with sizing, this one runs a little small! Also would not recommend on a very hot day, but I feel that goes without saying.  

Support, comfort, and a bit of edge!

Support, comfort, and a bit of edge!

It’s hard not to feel good in black lace, I think that’s something that anyone can attest to! 

The full catalogue can be found here! They’re also carried at one of my longtime (and underrated) favourite stores, Sears. The prices are great, ranging from about $20-$40.

And, if you check out their site here everything is on sale 30% off so don’t miss out!

I sincerely think you should check them out! They’re a great price, so far they’re wearing amazingly well and like I said, they’ve become a fave. 

Stay tuned next month ’cause I’ll be sharing a few of my favourites that go beyond the necessities with gorgeous lingerie details that will keep you feeling gorgeous from day to night! 

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