Red Liquid Lipsticks Perfect for Valentine’s Day

I just had my second visit to the dubloft in downtown Toronto and filmed another video with dubdub, which is always a total blast for me! 

I tried out five lipsticks and walked away loving two, (almost) hating two and feeling meh on one. Not a bad day in getting to know some brands. 

And with Valentine’s Day coming up (probably my favourite day of the year besides Halloween) I thought it would be a great time to go into a bit more detail on these snazzy reds! 

This quick drying matte lippe ended up being my top pick! 

Cheerleader  is a beautiful red that suited my pale skin oh so well. And because it didn’t have the orange in it, made my teeth look bright & white. 

Plus (real talk) I wore this bad boy home and even had a burrito and it was still on my lips. It was comfortable too, as far as matte lippies go. 

Oh NARS, I had such high hopes. 

This yellow-red called Mineshaft did nothing for me. It wasn’t matte or opaque and didn’t pack the colour that it promised! And so much transfer – certainly not a good pick if you’ll be puckering up this V-Day!

Of course, I do love a gloss every now & then and maybe a more natural shade would be okay but this was certainly my least fave of the group. 

I was so excited to finally try something from Kat Von D!

I think this would have been a contender for number one – but the red was just so wrong from my skin tone. Outlaw is a brick red and I think it would look amazing on anyone with darker skin than I have (okay well that’s the whole world) but I prefer the bright reds! The colour was so intense though, I really want to try more of her products. 

I’m very new to INGLOT and so far I am loving what I’ve tried (see the highlighters in action below!). 

This HD Lip Tint Matte in 12 very much tied for first. Such a gorgeous red and dried very quickly with amazing pigmentation. Seriously, slight regretting not swiping this on my lips! 

Okay here’s the thing: this line is comfy and lovely but they are not matte! At all!

The Rebel Red is a nice cherry red with a bit more yellow in it that I would prefer bit it’s not transfer proof or matte. 

That being said I own Nude Thrill and I love it…but I love it as a semi-glossy type look that I know I have to re-apply all day. 

Red lipsticks have always been my go-tos.

They’re classic and I really think there’s a red out there for everyone plus it’s great to throw on when you really don’t feel like doing anything else – they make you look and feel like you have your life together. It’s makeup magic. 

What’s your favourite red lip of all time?!

(Psssst! Here’s my first video with dubdub!)

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