Why I’m a Blogger and Not a Baker

Doesn’t that look like a lovely morning? 

Sadly, this picture is somewhat of a lie and I’ll tell you why, with only a hint of embarrassment. 

If you’ve been following along you’ll know that the last recipe I posted didn’t actually need any baking at all and apparently that’s a good thing because I am not good at it – sometimes. And in this case, both times. 

I set off with high hopes to make a banana zucchini protein loaf which sounded delicious and would make a great breaky. But it did not goes as planned. 

Not just once, but twice. 

Impressive really, if you like being optimistic. 

I set out to bake with all the ingredients it called for, including that vanilla protein powder I was sent a coupe of weeks back. 

It called for more ingredients than my last little recipe but I was totally ready for it! And I had never baked with zucchini before, so naturally I was excited because I get excited over little things like that. 

I put it into the oven, sat back and watched some Netflix. 

When I took it out the first (several) times, it was still all jiggly and not cooked in the middle. At this point, my thought was just to keep it in the oven and hope for the best…until it looked like this:

And that is when I clued in that I had most certainly forgotten an ingredient: flour.


I tried it anyway, I’m a curious person, and it had great flavour but was like a bread soaked in pudding. Not my best turn out so I decided to try again the next day because I’m stubborn but also just really wanted a loaf. 

I only forgot the chocolate chips in round two and it looked so promising! 

I made myself a french vanilla, sliced it on up and got ready to enjoy what had become quite the mission! 

And…it tasted horrible.

Horrible is a strong word but seriously it was dense as a loaf should be, but so dry almost like a biscuit. And had a somewhat bitter aftertaste! I’m not sure what I messed up during the second round, I was double checking all the ingredients and made sure to measure exactly so. I’ve never baked with protein powder so maybe that’s what it was…but it was not good. 

If I heated it up a bit and put butter on it, then it was slightly okay. 

The poor loaf made for some hilarious conversation on Twitter as I tried to decide whether or not I should share this fail, but that’s about all it was good for. 

So there, now we know I’m better off with blogging than baking but seriously if you have any “fool-proof” recipes I would love to give them a go and see how badly I can mess them up! 

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