GLISS Hair Repair by Schwarzkopf

I dye my hair a lot, probably too often.

I just get so easily bored and it’s such a quick fix to that need for change that, usually, can also be changed if it doesn’t go too well. 

I mean we’re only in the second month of 2017 and I’ve been blonde, a redhead and a brunette.

So when I was invited to the North American launch of a hair care line that let’s you repair instead of chopping it all of I was curious! I keep my hair fairly short these days but sometimes I miss it being long but it was so damaged when I chopped it all off I know it was for the best. But being able to keep dying and grow it just a bit longer? Sounds like a plan to me. 

The GLISS Hair Repair launch was such a fun and interactive event downtown Toronto and I actually learned a lot! We were taught about the science side of hair, as well as the beauty side from celeb stylist Peter Butler, and were given little hair makeovers (I got a gorgeous braid, because I still can’t figure how to) and there was even a wall of our portraits. 

I was so curious about how my hair would hold up with a microscope test and…I passed! Well, my hair did. Sure there’s some damages there, but we were surprised it wasn’t as bad as I certainly thought. And that’s before I started using the GLISS line so i can’t wait to see what my hair is like in a month.  

At the end of the night we were sent home with a few goodies that I have been loving and I’ll tell you all about them. 

Okay so the new products from GLISS can be broken down into five different repair lines, basically each targeting a specific problem. You can totally miss and match (like I did) and each line has a shampoo/conditioner combo as well as a special treatment. All of them are available at Shoppers Drug Mart, and after just a week of use I’m going to recommend them but hear me out first of course. 

The five lines are: Color Guard (that’s what I chose), Ultimate Repair, Ultra+ Moisture, Oil Nutritive, and Extra Volume. Although each line is different, they’re all packed with keratin which is exactly what hair needs to repair itself which will make it look all shiny and lovely – basically my goal here. 

Honestly there’s a lot of products and each is so different I decide to add in exactly what each one looks like and what it’s meant to do for you:

Since I’m just using the Color Guard combo, I’ll talk more about those! Although eventually I would love to try the other ones just to see what they can do for my hair as well. 

Someone mentioned to me that this line smells like cotton candy and I don’t know if that’s actually true but it’s pretty darn close! 

What I love most about the combo though is that it doesn’t weigh down my hair, which has actually been happening a lot lately with different shampoos – regardless of their intended purpose. 

It’s hard for me to see if it will keep my colour for 12 weeks considering I haven’t had it one colour for that long but I do tend to wash my hair frequently and no fading as of yet. I will be redying my hair again in a few weeks with a dye I received at the event so stay tuned for that and then I’ll really see how the shampoo holds up for that bit! 

My issue with my hair, and it’s always been an issue, is that I just can’t get it soft because it’s so coarse. And that’s the biggest difference I’ve noticed with, I would guess, 7 or 8 washes that my hair is softer. Haven’t reached peak softness (like my sister’s) but it’s soft enough that it has movement, if that makes sense. I think that might also be in part thanks to one of the treatments I picked up!

This is the only hair oil I’ve used that does not make my hair look greasy after!


I spray it on my ends after showering and then let my hair air dry. I’m trying to use less tools right now in hopes of getting my hair nice and healthy…turns out that’s tricky. This spray has 8 beauty oils as well as the keratin to help reduce frizz (sign me up) and split ends forming.

You can actually use it as a finishing spray and overnight treatment as well – love when products have a few ways to use them. Highly recomend this spray if you have dry hair that breaks easily like mine, I’m a fan. 

Here’s the thing about volume products, that I didn’t know until this event: the reason your hair feels thicker/looks like it has mote volume is because the product lays on your hair and gives it that tacky greasy feeling that makes it stand up. Get what I mean? Because I’ve tried a few products that do that and just leave me looking greasy. 

This spray uses collagen complex that works from the inside out to lift the hair but still help it become healthier looking. 

I use it after towel drying and find it works best when you blow dry as well, but even without that it gives my hair a little boost without a gross feeling to the touch. 

Overall, from what I’ve tried so far, I’m impressed. 

Really excited to see how they hold up after I have freshly dyed hair and I think I’ll try to get my hands on some of the other treatments as well, since I love the two I have so far!

If you have any hair care tips please feel free to comment, I’m always willing to give ’em a go!



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