All About the Eyes: Janice Carol Cosmetics

Earlier this week I wrote about the Janice Carol Cosmetics lip products that I love and today I’m coming at you with the eyes!

Wearing Janice Carol on the eyes, lips & face!

Wearing Janice Carol on the eyes, lips & face!

I think the reason that I love lipsticks so much is that they’re pretty fool proof for me. It’s just that they’re the first makeup product that I fell for and applying them isn’t all that hard! Eye products intimidate me a bit but I am trying to try more looks and practice a little more with them, so I was excited to receive some eye goodies from Janice!  

This baked trio eyeshadow is a paraben free formula that has anti-oxidants, a smooth feel (with hardly any fallout!), doesn’t crease and has great pigmentation. I haven’t had to use a primer with this little trio, but I’m sure that would make the colour stand out even more. 

The line also carries mineral based single eye shadows, if a trio isn’t your jam or you’d like to create your own palette. The formula is paraben free and can be used wet or dry – but I’ve yet to try them out wet! 

The shadows are available in both shimmery and matte – perfect because I am always switching between the two! The top two swatches are from the singles, and the bottom three are from the baked trio. 

I’ve nowrealized that these two products look more or less the exact same…but they’re not I swear! One is a mascara in black, but the other is actually a clear mascara that you can also use as a gel for your eyebrows.

I’m a fan of the clear mascara for the eyebrows (I’m certainly about the drama when it comes to lashes) and the fact that it doesn’t have colour makes it universal.  The mascara itself doesn’t flake or smudge, is a formula suited for sensitive eyes and is waterproof. 

Oh eyeliners, I love them so much but I am oh so bad at using them. 

Seriously – I am in need of lessons. 

Janice Carol has both liquid liners and khol eye pencils, certainly my preference. Don’t get me wrong, the liquid liners are so smooth, the electric blue one is a wicked colour, and they’re waterproof. 

I prefer the khol pencil and the pigmentation is great on it as well. While I haven’t quite figured out how to do a wing per say, the kohl makes it easier to do a clean line but a slightly smudged look as well if you’re going for a more dramatic, smoky look. 

Stay tuned for the last post coming up later this week (I sound like a TV commerical, don’t I?) with Janice Carol Cosmetics! 

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    Ahh I love the makeup look you featured, so pretty!

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