Preview: Wet N Wild 2017 Spring Collection

Last week I attended the launch party (and it was a party) for the 2017 collection of wet n wild. 

It. Was. Amazing. 

I think the night felt extra awesome because it’s a brand I’ve used for a long time and have always been following on social media and try every new things every so often. 

The products can be tricky to get in Canada nowadays (Wal-Mart & Rexall are usually a sure bet) but if you see something you like order before February 15, 2017 you get free shipping when you spend $40 or more and use the code CANADA – even I’m taking advantage of this. 

Anyway, back to the products, which by the way are totally affordable, cruelty-free, PETA approved and 85% of them are vegan. More or less, they’re knocking it out of the park. 

I haven’t had the chance to try out every single new product yet but let’s take a look and see what will be coming to stores soon! 

An early favourite of mine (seriously, opened it when I got home) is the Mega Glo dual-ended highlighting and contouring stick.

It makes contouring and highlighting a breeze and is so darn creamy and blendable! 

I have it in light/medium but it comes in dark/tan as well. It’s $7.99, so worth it.  

Another early fave, and not just for the sick packaging. 

This mascara resulted in me being asked if they were my real lashes three times. And it’s just $7.99. 

This badass (the shade is Brazen Black, it truly is bad a s s) lengthens, volumizes and gives great definition plus the wicked brush is perfect for getting even your smaller lashes. 

I think if I had to pick an absolute fave from the launch…it would be this mascara. 

Throwing in this one up top because I jut used it! 

And I’m going to take advantage of the press release for this little wonder because it might be small but it is packed with good things. 

• This 10-in-1 base provides a smooth canvas for polish application while delivering 10 benefits to help improve the appearance of nail health!

• Formulated with Bamboo Extract, Calcium, Avocado Oil, Amino Acids, Nylon, Synthetic Diamond Powder, Gold, Vitamin E, Keratin, Arginine and Tea Tree Oil

• The perfect tool for nail health; the more uses, the healthier looking the nail

• Helps to extend wear of manicure through colour grip technology and the high solids formulation aids in filling in ridges

  •   The translucent pink tint is compatible with all nail colour formulas, which can be worn as a primer to brighten and prolong nail colour, or alone for a natural, perfect finish 

See? I didn’t want to mess that up. Granted by the time this is published I’ll have only been wearing it for a day but the formula went on smoothly and my nails look much better than when they’re naked so I’m excited to see how it lasts. 

THESE LIPPIES! Another purchase that is so worth it at $6.99 a pop! 

Seen here (from top) we have Give Me Mocha, Nice To Fuchsia, and Coral Corruption. 

They have solid lasting power, they’re comfortable (as far as mattes go) and come in 13 shades aka I want more. 

Now we’re going to start to get into the products that I haven’t used just yet but stick with me – I made sure to do swatches as well!

Here we have a gel lip balm from the Perfect Pout collection in the shade Pout & Love – too cute. It has shine to it and great pigmentation, but of course it’s sheer like a gel balm would be. 

And, because it’s a balm, it’s packed full of the good things: 

  • features water-insoluble ingredients –  helps to provide the glide-on texture to the skin
  • Vitamin E to help improve the appearance of texture and moisture
  • Avocado oil to help provide a gel application and moisture to the lips
  • Macadamia derivative to help further moisturize the lips 

They also have gel lip liners too! Both of these products slide on so smoothly but pack in the colour. 

I swatched all the lip products I recieved at once so from the top we have: Perfect Pout Gel Liner in Think Flamingos, the Pout & Love Gel Balm and then the three liquid lippies: Coral Corruption, Nice to Fuchsia, and Give Me Mocha. 

Both of these are from the photofocus collection that I haven’t tried because they’re not quite my shade! I’ll be receiving the foundation soon and that should be my shade and then I’ll give it  go – love doing a full face with all one brand and seeing what I think. 

wet n wild did some pretty awesome testing with this collection and tried them with 700 selfies with different lighting from nightclubs to outdoors in the sun and I am so excited to give them a shot! 

This Take on the Day Mattifying Powder is of course for every skin tone and meant to keep your skin shine-free all day long. 

Naturally a good makeup remover is needed when you launch a whole line of things, and this all-in-one can be used on the face, lips and eyes – and even takes off waterproof makeup. 

I am loving berry tones on the eyes lately so I’m quite excited about this palette called Nude Awakening. The shades are beautiful and go on nicely – yes they’re powder but they’re quite creamy to the touch and the fall-out isn’t bad. 

The first two shades will be great for highlighting as they’re so fair but the rest…I’m impressed with how they showed up! 

Now there are a few things missing from my post that I haven’t tried like the photofocus foundation, the ombre blushes and the mega glo highlighters (which are STUNNING) so make sure to browse the site and put in an order! Or don’t, it’s totally up to you…but your makeup bag will thank you. 

And for reference – I had my makeup touched up at the event and you can see the glow! Seriously, I’ll be getting both the shades ASAP. 

So that post was a little longer than expected but that’s what happens when I’m excited.

Fellow beauty blogger Rebecca of Rebecca's Beauty Boudoir & I after our touch-ups!

Fellow beauty blogger Rebecca of Rebecca’s Beauty Boudoir & I after our touch-ups!

I love that wet n wild is certainly proving their worth in the beauty world, and not breaking our banks to do so. 

Let me know if you end up making an order because I would love to know what you’re buying – I already have a cart full and ready for after next pay day. 



  1. Riz
    February 8, 2017 / 3:19 am

    You take such lovely photos!

  2. Alice
    February 8, 2017 / 10:26 pm

    OMG, you put your contour stick on your white blanket! Living life on the edge there, girl!

  3. February 9, 2017 / 3:51 am

    I should be getting my foundation match very very soon so I’m super excited to try it – I’ve heard amazing things! And the highlighter….oh the highlighter. MY HEART!

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