The Latest from Joe Fresh – Swatches & Review

It’s no secret I love drugstore makeup. 

I get caught up in the great prices and usually, and luckily, I’m not let down either. Joe Fresh (now available at Shoppers, woo!) took me by surprise with their products way back in the summer and I’ve been a fan ever since. 

Let’s take a look at some new additions! 

I’m going to get this one out of the way because I was not a fan at all – which is rare! I’m easy to please when it comes to makeup but this is a definite no from me. 

The tinted lip balms are packed with oils and such to keep you hydrated but I couldn’t get past the waxy-ish, too oily type feel of it. And the colour wasn’t sheer enough for me for a balm. It was just a little mess on my lips! It doesn’t really sink into my lips so I feel like it just stays on top and looks shiny but doesn’t fully moistuize. 

Not a fan.

But the good news is, I am a fan of the rest of the products!  

This little eyebrow pencil packs a punch! 

I’m not really sure if the universal part actually works out – worked on me as a blonde and now on me as a brunette but didn’t work on me as a red head. 

I love that this product does all your brow work in one step. It’s like using a pomade (it helps the brows stay in place!) and can shape them. I did prefer the thinner one than this as it’s a little bit easier to control than this chunky crayon but still recommend this if you love bold brows.


I think, of all the products, this is my favourite. 

It’s long-wearing and waterproof (but still comes off nicely with remover!) and the colour is beautiful. The burgundy scared me off at first, but now I love how it mixes with the other warm hues I’m loving on the eyes lately. 

It goes on smoothly and has great pigmentation, I’m not too skilled with eyeliner but this one is a keeper. 

Highlighters are my top fave beauty product of the moment and this one makes my top five! 

It’s creamy of course, so it blends really well into the skin. It’s certainly a subtle glow (I like to add a highlighting powder on top as well) and the stick comes in different shades for other skin tones too! 

Joe Fresh released single shadows too! These are so handy for anyone who doesn’t like to commit to a full palette if they don’t like every shade, or if you know you just stick to a certain shade. 

As with the last Joe Fresh shadows I tried, these ones delivered with pigmentation and lasting throughout the day. I do wear an eyelid primer nowadays so that might have helped…but I am impressed with the quality of these little shadows. 

They’re either matte or shimmery and even though they are sold as single, they work so well together! 

Another great point I should add: Joe Fresh beauty is affordable. 

Because even though I want to live a glam lifestyle, I know that my bank account would not want me too and you might feel the same way! 

What’s your favourite drugstore brand? Make sure to let me know below!

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