Becoming a Mermaid with AquaMermaid

I have wanted to be a mermaid my whole life. 

I love swimming, I used to have the long hair for it, and really do I need to justify wanting to be a magical creature? It’s no secret either, you can bet as soon as something mermaid-themed is released someone on social media will share it with me and I love it. 

One of my best friend’s (Hi, Kendra!) even bought me a mermaid tail for my birthday! And sure, it was just for land and could keep me cozy while reading a book, but it’s a real tail!

I was so excited by than, now imagine how excited I was when I got the chance to actually be a mermaid with AquaMermaid in Toronto. I freaked right out. Like, called my mom freaked out. I have been looking at these mermaid schools for years, before they even arrived here in the city, and have even looked into just getting a tail of my own! To swim with at the beach by myself? I don’t know, I never really thought that part through…I just wanted to be a mermaid. 

And then I was quickly hit with two fears: 1) oh my gosh I need a bikini because a mermaid needs a bra with her tail and 2) what if the tail doesn’t fit me?

Luckily, problem two was no problem at all – the tails go to size 20 and while they’re a little tricky to get on, they have plenty of stretch too! 

What I didn’t see coming as a problem was my feet size: mine were way too small! I kept my mouth shut and dealt with the monofin slipping off a bit because another girl who piped up missed half the class…and there was no way I was sitting out. I have very small feel for the record, around a seven, so average sized feet need not be afraid. 

The bikini problem was a small crisis in my eyes. I had never worn a two-piece like that and I know there would be pictures, and probably videos, involved. I managed to find one at Old Navy that is high waisted and a gorgeous teal colour and now I’m so happy I have it! My mermaid mission took a little detour into a lesson in body positivity and that was totally fine with me. 

But I know, you want to know what it’s like to be a mermaid so let’s dive into it! 

Here we are! 

I attended the class with fellow blogger behind Classy on the Run, Alanna, and her friend Vicky too! 

After we did a swim test, we wiggled our way into our nails and got ready to be majestic sea creatures. What’s not majestic? Getting into the pool once you have your tail on. Seriously, I couldn’t move. I had to slide and shimmy on over on my butt and the roll myself in! 

With the rest of the class, we learned a few swim moves and tricks and split into groups to do a little synchronized swim routine. It was quite simple stuff, but I enjoyed it and I’m sure kids would go crazy for it. 

I had so much fun doing it that I would totally go again, and maybe this time bring goggles because my eyes were killing me after from all the chlorine! But my reasoning was that mermaids don’t wear goggles so why should I? Perfect logic I would say! 

I don’t think I’ll ever look this happy in a photo again, and I’m completely okay with it. 

Here’s the video that Alanna has up on her Instagram that we took turns shooting – if you have a waterproof camera I highly recomend bringing it because the last bit of class is free time for you! 


In Toronto, AquaMermaid takes place at the University Settlement downtown Toronto (23 Grange Road to be exact), and is super easy to get to by car or TTC. Monthly memberships for the diehard mermaids are $75/month and include an hour of class and an hour of free swim every week – this could be a serious workout if you get into it!  Trial classes, which is what we did and are just an hour, cost $60 and are more about the fun experience (and the photos). 

(I attended the class for the blog for free but you bet I kept all this honest!)


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  1. March 18, 2017 / 11:29 am

    Aww looks like you had an awesome time! Lol I think I would probably have major problems as I’m usually a size 5 in shoes!

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