My Latest Hair Colour with Schwarzkopf Color Ultime

Oh hair dye, I have such a love/hate relationship with it. 

Love because I love changing my hair but slightly hate because well…it’s not too healthy for my hair! Luckily I’ve been taking extra good care of my hair lately thanks to a ton of new products being sent my way (forever grateful) so that helps a bit.

In the summer, I was either blonde or silver depending on when you saw me. And then in January I decided to spice things up and become a redhead…for like, a week. It just didn’t didn’t take well to my hair at all! Which is strange, because usually red sticks like glue to hair. But nonetheless it did not and I had to make another change back into the brunette world. 

 And the expense! Toronto is crazy! So that’s why I stick to at-home dyes now – and why I was all too eager to try out the Schwarzkopf Color Ultime line. After I attended the GLISS launch, another haircare line by the same brand, I was sent home with a gorgeous colour to try out. 

This was my first time trying this dye brand and I think I can actually now say I’ve tried every brand available at a typical drugstore – impressive or scary, I’m not sure which! 

Since I hadn’t got a trim in a bit and my hair is on the thicker side, I went ahead and picked up a second box just in case because there’s truly nothing worse than being halfway through your head and thinking you might run out of the dye. 

I wasn’t able to find the exact shade, so I went with another one from the Divine Brown collection – the total line has 22 colours to choose from! 

The application is the same as any other at-home dye, although I did find the mixture to be quite runny and messier than most. This doesn’t affect the colour or anything at all, just be extra careful with the clothes your wearing and your skin! My poor forehead and a bit of an eyebrow got a bit tinted…I blame my sister as she was the one helping me apply. 

Mixing the two colours was totally fine for the outcome, as I thought it would be! It certainly is a vibrant colour of brown and covered my roots seamlessly. It comes with an Intensive Care Elixir as well which is a fancy way of saying a really nice conditioning treatment! When your hair is in better condition after you dye it than before, that’s when you know you at least have some quality dye in there. 

Very similar colour to what I had before, just darkened it up a bit! 

I truly think the most important part of dying your hair, either at home or in the salon, is the upkeep. The elixir they include in the box is amazing, but try to avoid shampoos that will strip your colour faster – and avoid sulfate! I have an allergy, so I already do, but that stuff is never good for coloured hair. 

I also try to put a good hair mask in once a week, just to give my hair a little help because I know I put it through a lot. I use the GLISS treatments that I have daily too – especially Oil Nutritive. 

I’m also looking for DIY hair masks so if you have a fave, let me know! 

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