OOTD – It’s All in the (dress) Details

As far as fashion goes, I can be pretty clueless. But at least I can admit that…right? 

One thing that I am certain of is that I love dresses! Maxi, mini, printed or plain, I love them. I find them comfortable (pants are leg prisons) and they instantly make you feel glam! And with so little effort! Seriously, wearing dresses for me is kinda like wearing track pants, that’s how comfy they are to me. 

This dress was a chance encounter and has already become my favourite addition to my closet!

Honestly it was wrapped on the hanger and didn’t look too special but I was in a bind and really wanted something to wear to a wedding show!

It’s a black and floral maxi, and I was sold at maxi, but it was the details that truly won me over.

With a slit up one side, bell sleeves, a deep-v with a clasp and the back is open and has a lace up back, it’s not just a simple maxi. 

Here’s the good news: it was on clearance, in my size and only $10. 

Not so good news: while my sister was able to go back the next week and pick it up for herself, first time she’s ever liked something of mine enough to get it, the chances of you finding the dress aren’t looking too good. But luckily it seems this style trend of bell sleeves and lace-up details is here to stay so you’re certainly going to spot similar! 

I paired the dress with a simple coat from Old Navy, that I also own in blush pink, and then knee high boots. 

I think my black heels might have suited the dress more but this was one of those days that the sun was really deceiving and it was so chilly!

I’ve never done an OOTD post and it’ll probably be a bit before I do another one, it’s just rare I love an outfit so much! I’m trying to redo my wardrobe a little more with you know, “practical” clothing choices and I’m trying to make them pretty as I go. I find that can be trick with plus-sized clothing! I went shopping with my sister the other day and I was having a serious hard time finding things that fit but also didn’t totally bore me. 

If you have a plus-sized store that you’re really into let me know! Right now my current places to shop are Forever 21, Reitmans, Penningtons and Old Navy. 

I’m a little (just a little) so I really like that this detail is on the back – it’s a little more subtle! The dress has a very flattering silhouette, it hits me just under my bra line and the deep-v has the clasp as well so you can even change it if you want it a little more open! My cousin (who happens to have a lot more fashion sense) had the idea of wearing a bralette so it would show a little in the front, but be low enough on the back not to show!  

So now the search begins – what will I find to top this dress?!

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