#SkinLovesOil with Lipidol + Giveaway!

I have been very focused on skincare lately. 

I swear it’s something with the seasons changing – summer is coming and I don’t want to wear as much makeup and I want my skin to be in top shape! That and with my latest job I wear makeup to work as a cosmetician and on my days off I just want to soothe my skin and keep it ready. 

Lipidol made me curious because it’s oils for your body and face…but oils? Really? Even when I talk to customers about it, because it’s now available at Shoppers and Wal-Mart, they seem a little suspicious that an oil can be so good for your skin but that’s because somewhere along the way we came up with the idea that putting oil on your skin would make you breakout, that’s not the case with these products. 

These oils actually help balance your skin out and make you, well, glow. My favourite skin is glowy skin, so I’m a fan. 

“The skin’s natural way of looking after itself is through the production of oils known as lipids. By using oils in daily skincare you help your skin maintain its natural way of working. The outcome is skin that stays in balance, avoids problems and radiates with good health. The difference between your current skin and your best skin could simply be oil! Lipidol is the world’s first range of oils for daily skincare. It was developed by the makers of Bio-Oil.” 

Curious yet?

Let’s look at each product I recieved:

This Cleansing Oil is like a body wash and a huge help if you have dry skin (like I very much do). The smell is amazing but not overly strong – it’s actually infused with lime essential oil and it’s a nice smell that isn’t too..feminine? It’s a really good scent if you don’t like the sweet smells too! 

It removes all the dirt and guck and a little goes along way, as with all the oils! 

I follow with the After-Shower oil (super weird to take a picture of because it’s clear…it looked bizarre, trust me) and it loads your skin up with moisture. Super excited now that it’s spring because it works so well with smooth legs – they look killer! This one is infused with chamomile essential oil, a light fragrance as well. 

Be careful with how much you pour on oil – I’m not kidding when I say a little goes a long way, you don’t want to end up being too slippery. Speaking from experience here, but I learned fast. 

This little bottle is a little gem, and I like it even more because it’s not a lot of work for you: put it on a cleansed face and head to bed! I may like taking care of my skin, but I also can be lazy and sometimes you just want fast and easy. 

It’s like an invisible face mask and helps your skin soak in the goodness and rejuvenate overnight but it is not heavy at all – something I’ve found with different night products. This one has ylang-ylang and black pepper essential oils to give it a fresh but subtle fragrance. 

Finally, my favourite. 

If you are looking for a makeup remover I highly recommend this Cleansing Face Oil – highly! 

Fragranced with rosemary and niaouli essential oils, you apply this to a dry face and rub it on it. It takes off makeup, even tough lipsticks and mascara, without being harsh on your skin. Then you add water and it lathers up! It’s a weird feeling, but I like that it’s hydrating and doesn’t leave my skin with a tight dry feeling…you know the one, it’s horrible. 

Want to win your own set of Lipidol oils to prove that #SkinLovesOil? Head on over to my Instagram to enter! 

Good luck! 

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