Finding the Perfect Wedding Guest Dress with Rent frock Repeat

For this Friday Brideday we have a guest blogger! Sarah Zoschke is currently a blogger at Basically Baesic and is passionate about event planning and weddings. She loves living in Toronto and taking every opportunity to be creative. You can find her on Instagram here!

If you are anything like me when a wedding invitation comes in you wait until the last possible second to pick out your outfit.

The last wedding I attended I was a part of the wedding party so the outfit was preplanned, but for this wedding I was baffled on what to wear to a black tie affair. I looked everywhere, tried out plenty of dresses but couldn’t find anything. It was difficult for me to buy an expensive dress for one night and never wear again. Until I received the ultimate gift for volunteering: 15 per cent off a dress rental at Rent Frock Repeat

Rental was the perfect situation for me as I only needed the dress for four days and wouldn’t have to worry about dry cleaning after use. Without waiting I booked my free consultation and worked on my profile anxiously waiting my appointment the next day.

Upon arriving I was worried I wouldn’t find anything, nothing would be in my size, and would I be able to find the colour, shape, and style I had in my head? All of these questions flooded my mind as I arrived for my consultation. 

I met Mary Rose, my personal stylist for the day, and she guided me towards a seating area to chat about the event and what I am searching for. She was great and listened to all of my concerns, already thinking about the perfect dress for me. I wanted a long maxi inspired dress with an empire waist in either a mauve or light pink colour.

Just like an episode of Say Yes to the Dress, my stylist pulled dresses for me and I also went and picked some out – Mary and I ended up picking one of the same dresses but in two different colours.

First I tried on a pink silk dress, which I fell in love with at first but was worried that it was too bright for a black tie affair. I then tried on a navy blue Donna Morgan maxi dress with a slit down the back; it was everything I was looking for. It made be feel confident and beautiful. It was gorgeous, the colour slimmed my waist, which is a problem area for me. I was sold and Mary, being the perfect stylist found me a lovely statement necklace that completed my outfit.

Even though I was sold, I did try on some other dresses just to be sure but I knew this was the one. Mary made me feel like a movie star and pulled dresses that were in my size and in stock, which showed me she knew what she was doing.

I am so excited to wear this dress and can already see my final outfit in my head. I left with my dreams made and a designer dress that sells for two-hundred dollars but I rented rented for eighty! As I left with a smile on my face a quote caught my eye that rang true: “Less Stuff. More Life.” Thank you Mary and Rent Frock Repeat!

Thank you to Sarah for the post – all photos are taken by her as well! 

Happy Friday!

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