The Latest with Naturana Lingerie & Cybèle Sleepwear

It’s been a minute since we chatted about lingerie, so let’s take a look at what we’ve covered. 

The must-haves, which still ring true. I love the blue lace bra to no end! But the daisy bra remains one of my favourite bras of all time – gives me the same feeling as putting on a gorgeous summer dress.

The necessities, which are great for everyday wear and the Classic White is still my go-to.

My last ‘latest‘ update was back in November (told you it’s been a bit) and that’s where you’ll find the beige lace bra – my favourite bra to wear when I really wear one but don’t feel like it, it’s comfy enough to make a compromise. 

This time around, the lovely team at Naturana sent me two bras and some sleepwear from their sister brand Cybèle!

This time around, the lovely team at Naturana sent me two bras and some sleepwear from their sister brand Cybèle!

I had never tried the sleepwear before and, as always, I was excited to give some new bra styles a test run! 

The Sleepwear

I was sent two sleepwear options – a nightshirt in a gorgeous jade colour and an pyjama set (shirt and pants) in ivory. 

While both fit technically, I do feel like they’re a little too small – which is odd considering I’m usually a 14/16 and I was sent an 18. I think it might be my height (I’m 5’10) that resulted in them having that small feeling – the pants verge on capris on me! 

That being said – the material is oh so soft (wrinkles easily kinda soft, but does that matter with sleepwear?) and I love the lace detailing on the sleeves and neckline of the set! 


The Lingerie 

I immediately realized these bras would be tricky to photograph because they don’t have cups! And, the lighting was so very odd…I took these maybe a minute apart and it’s just very strange.


The bra on the left is the Simple Decor Soft Cup bra in nude, but also comes in white, and the bra on the right is the Simple Soft Cup bra in white which, yes, also comes in nude. The bras are very similar in that neither of them have an underwire, both have soft cups and both are full coverage. 

Of the two, I prefer the Simple Soft Cup! It cuts a little lower in the front and I like the sheer details – gives it a little extra oomph. The Simple Decor bra is comfortable, and I like the lace details, but the neckline is more like a tank top and shows easily (unless you wear a lot of higher cut shirt and then it would be perfect!). 

Stay tuned for more posts with Naturana & remember to use the NAT20 promo code on these bras & the entire site – you’ll 20% off your purchase. And that’s not an affiliation, I just like helping you save!

Happy shopping! 

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