Five Favourites: Hair Care Tools & Treatments

I put my hair through a lot…probably too much.

I love changing the colour, I use heated tools all the time & really I’m just not nice to it. I do at least have regular trims & it’s not as damaged as it was when it was long! 

But to keep my hair in it’s shiny state, I need a lot of help. 

It’s not just the shampoo and conditioner that help me out, I have a few treatments and tools that I reach for all week to keep my hair in shape. I also like to use hair masks (not as often though!) but they can be a little time consuming and I thought I would round up some faves of products in my regular routine. 

Starting it off with an OG. 

I’m still in love with this spray on oil by GLISS, it’s getting a little low which means it’s time for a re-buy! 

I love that this can be used on damp & dry hair and doesn’t leave your hair feeling heavy and oily, it just soaks on in to your hair. It has a nice, light smell to it too that isn’t overpowering and I love.

The spray adds a touch of shine on finished hair and I always spray it on an up-do to make sure it keeps my hair from looking too dry. I also use it as a treatment when I’m just sitting around the house or overnight – I spray a bunch on and comb it through and then shower the next morning!


What would hair care be without the perfect tools?

I have two Tangle Teezer brushes but The Ultimate is what I reach for daily. I find it easy to hold, love that it’s pink, and it’s easy on my slightly (and getting better!) damaged hair.

This brush is made for dry-styling and dressing your hair which means the teeth are longer with softer tips which lightly detangle and smooth cuticles for a high shine – don’t worry, this is what Tangle Teezer says, I’m not that fancy. Basically it’s designed to help create “perfect up-dos, back-brush in volume and texture” and it’s perfect to use with hair extensions, clip-ins and weaves – but I don’t have any of those so I can’t speak to that! 

This Densifying Elixir  is perfect for those of us who have thin hair! 

I know it doesn’t look it, because people comment on it quite a bit, but I do have very thin hair & totally fake the thickness. My hair is very coarse so it does have body and volume, just not lasting thickness. 

The thing about this elixir (love the fancy word but it’s basically a serum for those of you who are curious) doesn’t just help me fake it, but works to boost the thickness of your hair. This is actually one of three steps from the Viviscal wet line and uses biotin, zinc and keratin to nourish the hair.

It can be used on dry & wet hair, and I usually go for right after the shower. This is a product you want to use continuously to see the best results and I’m horrible with that but that being said, I have been getting comments on my “thick” hair more often (always from customers at work!) since I tried it out about a month ago. Now I just have to stick with it! 

Now that my hair is a wee bit longer, I throw it up almost every day. 

The thing is – tossing your hair up can cause breaking and damage, not to mention headaches and that annoying kink. These nifty little rings from Stylize don’t do any of those annoying things and they can hold a lot of hair. 

They’re also great for summer because they don’t soak in water like normal hair ties so you can swim with these little fellas!

I used to be obsessed with dry shampoo because I’m down for anything that saves me time in te morning – and then the side effects hit me. 

Dry shampoo is so very bad for your hair & scalp! It can clog up your skin, cause itchiness and drying and can actually lead to bald spots & thinning – which is exactly what happened to me. Every time I see one of those “Friday: hair 95% dry shampoo” type posts on social media I cringe. 

But then there’s this little gem, and it’s Canadian to boot! 

First of all, great for dark hair like mine & makes you smell like a yummy dessert. But the reason I love this dry shampoo from Cake Beauty is that it’s much more natural than a can of dry shampoo, uses corn starch instead of talc and doesn’t contain sulphates, parabens or phthalates! 

If you have a hair care must have, make sure you let me know – my hair could use it. 

Some of these products have been sent to me by lovely PR people but I assure you the words are all honest! 

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  1. joy
    June 6, 2017 / 1:44 am

    I am curious to try the Cake dry shampoo powder ! Is it difficult to apply ?

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