Joe Fresh Summer Dress | Two Ways

A funny thing happened when Alanna and I decided to do some OOTD shooting together. 

We decided on three outfits (I did my first OOTD post with Joe Fresh last week!) and I set off through my closet to throw some things together. 

I was looking through her blog posts, as I do with all my lovely blog friends, and I realized we bought the exact same dress at Joe Fresh! The whole ‘great minds think alike,’ and so on. 

Naturally, we decided to do what a true fashion blogger would: one dress, two ways. 

The dress in question is an Off Shoulder Dress in Light Blue from Joe Fresh and as I’m writing this post it is on clearance – always amazing!

This dress is lightwight, comfortable, has pockets (!!!) and ties which gives you a little bit of a shape since it’s so flowy! 

This dress is quite sheer in some light so don’t be afraid to slip a slip (hehe) on underneath! And careful of the wind – the darn flaps kept hitting me in the face, hence the awkward arms, but I love this dress so. 

I decided to keep this dress super casual.

Think cottage weekend – sandals, sunglasses, and natural hair. I live in dresses. I know they can be dressy, but to me they’re so comfy that I look at them as a classy way of wear sweatpants…basically I’m just not a fan of pants. 

The off the shoulder lets your skin get some sun too, and mine have now thanked me for that! The elastic is comfortable as well, and as you’ll see with the way Alanna styled it, it can be worn higher up or straight off the shoulders.  

In the summer, I live in Birkenstocks! They have support (I sound old, don’t I?), go with anything, and give you a wicked foot tan. The glasses are also a casual pair I have, a solid $2 Old Navy find, and my go-to when heading off home for the weekend. 

Now, the ever so lovely Alanna took the fancy route! 

With her nude pumps and pearls, her take is classy in every way. I love that she wore her hair in a top know but with her waves (and her dreamy hair!) and finished the look with earrings and a nude lip.

She also wore hers a little higher on the shoulder, which is somehow the difference between a weekend away and a summer date night. 

Make sure you head to her blog to see all the details on how she styled her Joe Fresh number in her One Dress, Two Ways post!

We couldn't miss caputuring us as twins. 

We couldn’t miss caputuring us as twins. 

I also helped Alanna film a super cute (and affordable!) look book with Joe Fresh for her YouTube channel..which I shall be appearing on oh so soon! 




  1. June 20, 2017 / 6:57 pm

    Lmao "wicked foot tan", I love this post so much!! You need to do OOTDs more often <3 You guys look adorable twinning!

  2. June 20, 2017 / 8:53 pm

    Love both of your looks! Such a cute dress!

    • Brianne Cail
      June 22, 2017 / 12:49 am

      Thank you so much!!

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