Bridesmaid Gift | Jewel Within

Behind makeup, candles are my weakness. 

I was so excited when I stumbled upon Jewel Within on Instagram because I love the idea of finding something sparkly – and I love it even more when the product is made in Canada and the company is led by a woman. I think everyone on the internet has heard of jewellery being tucked into a candle by now, but I’m all for supporting local business – the candle is made in Ontario! They also strive to make themselves stand out, which I admire: “Jewel Within endeavours to operate with integrity, efficiency, and transparency with our customers in providing a pleasant experience with our natural and eco-friendly products.”

I love the idea of giving one of these serious luxurious candles as a bridesmaid gift, or even as a gift to ask one of your fave ladies to join your bride tribe.

I went with the Bold Coconut Luxury candle because I never, ever get tired of coconut. These soy candles are so fragrant that you can smell them when they’re not even lit – but they fill the whole room when they’re burning.

And each candle burns for an average of 50 hours, mine hardly even has a dent in it which I find insanely impressive. 

If you’re not a coconut girl, that is more than okay because they have ten scents to choose from. I personally think it would be so cute to pick different ones for your girls! 

But I know, you want to see what was inside, right? 

The sparkly treat is enclosed in plastic and foil and attached to the glass, and the glass is reusable which is a fun touch. 

I love the necklace that I got – it’s perfect for summer, has a touch of marble and the length is adjustable as well. I honestly didn’t realize there was a sticker so you could appraise the necklace, I was too focused on seeing what was hiding inside! 

It certainly has an edgy, boho vibe that I dig. I was also super excited to get a necklace because I always wonder about getting a ring that wouldn’t fit so this was a nice surprise. 

This is more of a two-in-one type of gift for a bridesmaid, and i think the waiting and mystery of what’s inside is all a part of the fun. The candles are also very affordable in my opinion at $24.95 each. 

I love that their jewellery is straight up trendy – it’s a little bit glamour, a little bit modern and I love the combo. 

The jewellery differs depending on the collection too, which I find to be brilliant: “Our spa collection jewelry tends to be minimalistic; great for office wear but dressy enough for special occasions as well. However, our romance collection has more bling. Great for those special nights out with that special person! And the Exotic Fruit Collection has a variety of trendy pieces.” This just makes me want to have more from each collection!

Jewel Within also carries a few other products too, if candles aren’t your cup of tea. They have bath bombs and melts too. I 100% love the idea of a bath bomb, I’m just patiently waiting for when I have a bathtub that I’m not too tall for. One day folks, one day. 

Thank you so much Jewel Within for sending me the gorgeous candle! 


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