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Festival season, what a wild time of the year. 

I will admit that I’m more of a wedding season kinda gal, but I can fake it for an outfit or two! I went to Wayhome last year and loved it so I’m not a total festival hater, promise. And outdoor concerts are probably my favourite part of summer! I’m going to see Lady Antebellum this week and this is probably what I’m going to wear – if the sun will stay out for more than five minutes that is.

So I decided to try something knew with this post and make it a hybrid of sorts with an OOTD and a beauty look! 

The Clothes

Jean skirts are having a moment and it took me a bit to find one that I liked but here it is (to be fair I stole it from my sister and she ordered another one). This jean skirt is from Forever 21, which will never stop being a go-to stop for me when I’m trying to find something “trendy,” which is rare as I’m usually behind.

Forever 21 is one of the few stores that their plus size section doesn’t seemed dated. Sure, there’s some questionable items but there’s plenty of other stores if you want to be office ready. 

The Caged Bralette is also from Forever 21 and has a really fun back – I was just not showing it off this time around! Lastly, the headband was also a last minute buy and while it was on clearance, Forever 21 is basically headband heaven. 

The purple flowered kimono is one of my wardrobe faves – it’s flowy, has the most gorgeous colour and has pockets. I bought it at Penningtons last summer so you (sadly) won’t be able to find the same one but they do have a few kimonos in stock and I’m sure they’ll be getting more this season! 

Of course, we have to chat about the shoes. 

I have loved Converse since the start of high school, maybe even before that! My first pair were classic low top Chucks in navy blue, but this pair is a little fancier. 

Are they not out of this world? 

I know, bad joke, but they’re amazing. They’re silk too, which makes them feel fancy even though they’re still a classic sneaker. 

The Makeup

So separate from the OOTD shoot, I decided to try my hand at a festival look. Separate because this took time, and it was my first time playing with colour! 

I used all Teeez Cosmetics, which they actually sent to me in a festival pack! If you’ve never tried Teeez, you’re missing out. You can pick them up at The Bay and the pigments and packaging and just the whole brand is straight up badass. I’ve written about Teeez once before too! 

These were the products that were sent to me for the festival look and here’s a list of what I used: 

  • Bulletproof Mascara in Jet Black
  • Soft as Sin Cream Blush in Flirty Pink
  • Style Addict Highlighter in Berlin Sunrise 
  • Spoiled Rich Eyebrow Cream in Vintage Cocoa
  • Seal With A Kiss Lip Duo in Vintage Orange 
  • Cloud Nine Eyeliner in Electric Aqua 

I love how this turned out! I don’t know if I would wear it to work or anything but you bet I would rock this (cat ears and all) if I was going to a wild festival. 

It was so much fun to create and I am in awe of the Cloud Nine eyeliner – the colour is out of this world and it somehow looks even brighter in person! 

Teeez always sent a festival must-have: a charger pack for your phone! I used this last weekend at Toronto’s GenBeauty and I was so thankful for it! 

The Hair

Last but not least! 

In the summer I am big on natural hair. 

It might be because it’s always hot so why put a hot tool near your head anyway? But for both looks I kept it real simple – with the help of OGX, a fave of mine. 

Now OGX is basically my whole shower routine lately, shampoo to body wash – everything. Their Coconut Miracle Oil bodywash (and shampoo) smells delish and you can actually smell it on you after which I love.

But for this post I’ll chat about the oils.

The OGX oils have certainly been in my routine for sometime, thanks to all my years working at Shoppers! Their shampoo line won me over first, because of my sulphate allergy, so I stepped up my hair game with their oils as treatments! 

But, as I just learned, they even have body oils too – amazing for festival prep when you’re going to be outside a lot and want to keep your skin looking healthy. 

So specifically in my festival looks I used the Argan Oil of Morocco Body Oil and the O2 Weightless Oil & Lifting Tonic (towards the roots for volume) and the Keratin Oil towards the ends for shine. A serious boost of shine, and doesn’t leave your hair feeling greasy either.

I use the Argan Oil of Morocco Weightless Reviving Dry Oil almost daily now that I’ve bleached and dyed my hair – it’s needed. 

So, do I look like a festival pro yet? 

Tell me about your festival must-haves, I promise I can find a use for them even if I’m having a Netflix sesh instead of a dane sesh! 


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  1. June 28, 2017 / 2:40 AM

    I love everything about this post!!! I’m going to Digital Dreams next weekend and I think I might try a fun festival makeup look as well hehe!

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