Three Ways to Change Up Your Hair This Summer

Heads up: While the words and opinions are still truly my own, this is a sponsored post. 

I don’t know what it is about summer, but something in the air makes me feel like it’s time to try out the hairstyle you’ve been thinking of for months. Maybe it’s the longer days, the freedom or the heat just getting to us but it’s fun to try something new!

Whenever I need hair inspo I search my fave place on the internet: Pinterest. And that’s exactly where I headed to gather up three ideas on how you can mix up your tresses this season.

Get Creative with Styles

The easiest way to change it up, and with the least commitment – makes it great for those of us who change our minds constantly! 

Braids are still having a huge moment, which only slightly breaks my heart because I can’t braid to save my life. But that’s what friends are for, specifically blogger friends – who I’ve relied on heavily for this post I’ve realized.  

Classy on the Run aka my lovely friend Alanna has the perfect video up on her channel if you want to try styling your longer hair this summer in the trendy (and gorgeous) infinity braid!

Now if you have shorter hair, like me, this style isn’t for you but don’t fret! 

Clearly this image on the right isn’t me, because of my lack of braid skills but also because my hair isn’t this colour (maybe one day), but the length is about the same. There are a bunch of ways to work a braid into tour styles for the summer and really, they’re not as complicated as they look.

Or so I’ve been told, many times. 

I think they would be perfect for the beach, festivals, brunch – anything you do in the summer! I will say I even like them for weddings. Braids can be dressed up and dressed down, which I’m guessing is why they’ve been in the spotlight for so long and probably aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

If you live in Toronto and want to give a girl a hand with her braiding skills, feel free to drop me a line – but I will warn you I’ve been trying to get on the braiding train for ages. 

Play with Length 

Now, this one requires commitment or money – actually, a combo of both. If you’re really itching for a huge change, then length is what you’re looking to play with.

I chopped my hair off a few years ago with a very spontaneous trip to the hairdressers – I was driving by a First Choice and decided might as well! Some days I miss the long, mermaid hair that once was…but most of the time I love it and don’t think I’ll be going long anytime soon. 

Another blogger friend of mine (told you I’d be calling on them a lot for this post) Vicki from Florals & Teacups recently did a chop as well! It’s shorter than mine, and it is #HAIRGOALS. 

Both of the photos are from her Insta, incase you want some hair inspo and DIY magic in your life. 

In the summer, chopping it off seems like the solution to the city heat. And I swear it makes a huge difference – but if you’ve made the chop and want to go the other way in terms of length, that’s an option too.

Of course, it’s much easier to chop it off than dish out the cash and time for extensions or weave hair, but it can be done. And even from home, if you know what you’re doing. Divatress, for example, is an e-commerce company which means you can shop from home, and they pride themselves in quality and pricing. 

Get Colourful 

My favourite option of the three! 

I love changing the colour of my hair, a little too much some would say. 

My latest hair transformation is by far my favourite! I have always loved mermaids (yes, I’m 25) and when the chance came up for me to transform my brown hair into mermaid hair, I jumped right on board. It seemed fitting for the summer for things to get a little more colourful! 

I love it because it’s slightly hidden – only slightly, but good for days when you want to keep it kind of low-key.  

If you shudder at the idea of being full rainbow at all times, that’s okay too. You can get natural highlights, go a shade darker, go lighter and you don’t gave to commit as that’s what wash out dyes are for! 

I will say I recommend heading to a hairdresser for a huge change as I don’t want to get a message saying you’ve tried something big and it didn’t go as planned…I like to risk it for the bisquit when it comes to cool hair, but I also think you should make good choices! 


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