Lip Smacker teams up with Spider-Man: Limited Edition

Never did I ever think my love for beauty world would collide with my love for comics. 

This limited edition collab between Lip Smacker and my boy Spidey hits the shelves for just a short while, June – July 2017, and is here in time for the latest movie in the Spider-Man franchise, Spider-Man: Homecoming. 

Lip Smackers are a classic lip balm choice, I don’t think I know any girl who didn’t tote around a balm or two back in the day – some even with glitter! And I am so happy that they still smell and feel amazing, with an added dose of nostalgia. 

I had no idea Lip Smacker has been around since 1973, granted I haven’t even been around that long, but are they ever in it for the long haul. They have over 400 flavours and honestly it’s now a new life goal to create a flavour with them. 

The collection includes three parts: Spider-Man tin, Spider-Man trio cane and the Spider-Man lip balm keychain – all of which have the variety of flavours we remember! 

The flavours contained in the sets are: 

  • Super Strawberry (tin)
  • Scientific Blueberry (tin)
  • Radioactive Lemon (tin)
  • Crime Fighting Cherry (tin & cane)
  • Ultimate Cinnamon (tin & cane)
  • Vanilla Frosted Web (tin & cane)
  • Amazing Pomegranate (keychain) 

The Amazing Pomegranate is my fave, followed closely by Radioactive Lemon, and how perfect are the names? 

The formula is light, a slight tint of colour and moisturizing, as one would expect a lip balm to be. They also do have flavour, it’s not overwhelming and I like it – and really, don’t you expect that from Lip Smacker? 

Basically instead of fighting crime these little fella fight chapped lips, and I’m down with that. 

The wicked collection can be found at Shoppers Drug Mart, Loblaws, Real Canadian Superstore, Toys “R” Us and Lawtons.



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