Gifts for your Groomsmen: The Brew Box

I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again: buying for men is tricky.

My go-to thought is always a watch, but I just have a thing for men’s watches. So the idea of picking a groomsmen gift (rightfully) would stress me out! 

The female world has a ton of subscription boxes (mostly beauty related) and so when I heard of a box that is marketed largely towards men, I immediately thought it would be perfect for a groomsmen gift! 

The Brew Box is exactly what it sounds like – a box delivered to your home full of beer, local craft beers from across Ontario to be exact. I think it’s a great gift for any man (or woman) in your life that loves a cold one, but it really struck me as an amazing groomsmen gift because it’s so not typical. Much better than giving them a flask engraved with their high school nickname they’ll use maybe twice. 

So let’s get into it, and full disclosure I fully enjoyed a beer while writing this. 

What is The Brew Box? 

“A subscription to The Brew Box signs you up for a membership to receive premium craft beer delivered to your door. You subscribe to The Brew Box then we deliver premium craft beer to your door every month.” 

But of course they cover the deets on their FAQ page. 

What I really find helpful is that they have more than one ‘club’ or subscription to choose from, all reasonably priced but options are never a bad idea. 

They have: 

I received that first box, the Brewscovery Club! So that club, and the others, get broken down further like this: 

Click the image for more details, or head to their site! 

Click the image for more details, or head to their site! 

But what’s in The Brew Box? 


But it’s more than that – it really is a discovery of Ontario craft beers. 

You get the collection of beers, which varies monthly but can be bottles and cans, a beer opener (key), coasters, a handbook and my personal fave of the box – the Brewscovery itself.

This sheet of paper breaks down every beer that you’ve been sent.

Which, if you’re a little nerdy like I am, is so very interesting as much as it is awesome. 

It’s these tiny details that bring this idea from being another subscription box, to being an amazing gift idea. 

I like beer, but I don’t know anything about them and I found it so cool to know which flavours would be different, would go better with something and where they’re from. 

I know you can’t read that, but that gives you an idea of what the format is. Extremely easy to read, lays everything out for you, and makes it easy to decide which one to crack open first. 

I love that while this is an amazing gift for a groomsman, it’s very easily something you can share with your friends. My thinking is that it would be awfully fun to get together once a month and catch up over these craft beers…but I don’t know if men are as into monthly get togethers like us women!

And like I said, while this post is for the boys I know quite a few women who would enjoy this! Me? I would love a wine version. But The Brew Box as served well in my apartment! I’ve been sharing it with my sister, friends, and even my dad when he came to town! 

Let me know your ideas for groomsmen gifts, I’m also looking for more ideas to share!






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