Gifts for your Groomsmen: Tense Watches

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I feel like them groomsmen are forgetting in a world where bridesmaid gifts are everywhere! 

This might be because women tend to post more and share everything on Instagram but I love seeing what the men can buy (and receive) too! So when I found Tense Watches, I had to reach out to them. Wooden watches, and accessories, are having a moment and I think they’re so very stunning. 

They are, to me, the perfect mix of timeless and unique – is that an oxymoron? 

A bit about Tense, because I know they’re not the only ones out there: 

Tense (noun): A set of forms taken by a verb to indicate time; One moment in time in relation to another moment in time. Past, present, future.

Tense Watches designs high-quality wooden watches. They are made from 100% recycled or reclaimed wood, and are powered by premium Rondo 6004D Swiss Movements or Japanese Miyota Watch Movements. Each watch is manufactured by hand in our workshop in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Our products are designed and built around our core beliefs in quality and craftsmanship. In 1957, Ken P. Lau started his profession as a clock designer. He pioneered experimentation with natural components, such as wood and stone. In 1968, Ken moved his focus to wristwatches, and in 1971 Tense Wooden Watches was founded. Even now, Ken brings his almost 50 years of experience as a crafter of timepieces to the workshop everyday.

I was sent the Hampton which is nothing short of stunning, and can be worn by anyone. 

The watch comes in a beautiful wooden box, which you could get engraved as an extra special touch. You can also get the watch engraved too! This would be perfect to add the date of your wedding, or maybe an inside joke you share with the groomsmen. 

The Hampton comes in several varieties, and mine is Rosewood/Dark Sandalwood. It comes with the little tool kit so you can adjust it as well – extremely helpful seeing as it is unisex so it can fit anyone.

 One thing I love about Tense is how much detail they put into their products, but also the detail they put into the information about the watches and the wood itself. If you’re like me, you like to read everything because you’re always curious. I know nothing about wood, and especially nothing about the specific wood used to create the watch. 

African Rosewood, also referred to as Bubinga, offers up some of the world’s most beautiful lumber owing to the wood’s tight grain and dark attractive colors. While typically orange at first, the tree’s wood transforms into a stunning reddish hue when worked. Due to the wood’s interlocking grain, working with African Rosewood can be a challenge to work with because of its unyielding nature and difficulty bending. African Sandalwood is a small shrubby African tree that yields a hard wood and is found growing in woodlands on acidic soil where the species typically dominates the surrounding area. While the tree features distinctive reddish flowers, the wood itself is medium and dark brown and releases a pleasant smell. Typically used in the manufacturing of furniture and curios, the wood is an excellent carving medium and perfect for making our wooden watches.

Style speaking, the black and brown combo makes it easy to wear and the gold details step it up just a notch and give it a nice balance than you can either dress up or dress down. I recently went the casual route with it in an OOTD post, styling it with a Gap summer dress. Now – if I had a man to do a shoot with it I gladly would…but for now, my arm will have to do. 

The Hampton watch retails at $229.99, and also comes in a leather version for $215.99. Tense has a ton of watches, naturally for different prices to fit your budget. Also, as always, keep your eye out for sales and promo codes while doing your wedding research! 

I’ll end this post on a funny note: 

This will probably be the most random photo I will ever take. See, I was sitting in my apartment, annoyed that I didn’t have a man to shoot this watch on and was like “hey, beer is manly…right?” And that is why I shot a darn watch on a bottle of beer. 

Still not the same as shooting it on a guy, I’ll have to make that happen, won’t I? 


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  1. Joy
    August 30, 2017 / 2:21 pm

    a very nice looking watch! I have fallen out of the habit of wearing a watch, but with a watch like this, I could fall back in!

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