27 Things That Will Shape My 28th Year, I’m Just Not Sure How

My 27th year was supposed to be one of the best yet. After all, it was my champagne birthday and 27 has just always been a good number to me.

27 was a big year, but I do not think I would file it under the best or anywhere close. But, as with anything, I find that unpacking what’s in my head into words helps me figure things out.

And I don’t think I’ll cover everything because really 365 days is a lot, even if it flew by so quickly that I think I got whiplash. But I’m going to try my best because that’s about all I can do.

Some of these things happened, some of these are things that I learned (or am learning) but

  1. I travelled for the first time. Sure, I’d done road trips and the Disney vacations but this year I went to England and Ireland. I cannot believe that it’s been almost a year ago…and I want to go back. But I want to go elsewhere first.
  2. I got laid off. And that sucked. I picked myself up, but I still can’t decide if I did it too quickly.
  3. I started to realize that I am not as strong as I think I am. And mental health-wise I’ve been pretty shitty. But that’s okay. I am still on the same medication and dosage and trying to think through next steps. It’s working, but I always find myself wondering if working is good enough. Or if I should be experiencing something better than just working, you know?
  4. My goodness, I am over makeup. I love wearing it now and then but gone are the days of a full-glam every single day. I think I just went too hard BUT still obsessed with skincare. Always. Like did you see that new Glossier dewy thing? Already on it.
  5. I did a spoken word.
  6. A dream job is rarely the dream job. And if things are too good to be true, they probably are.
  7. I really need to trust my gut more.
  8. I explored Monreal by myself. Which led to me having my first meal ALONE! On a gorgeous rooftop, with a salad that had octopus because that’s fancy. I, at this time last year, rarely ate out without panicking…and now I love eating out.
  9. I realized bangs are fun but a lot of work. But damn I looked cute.
  10. My best friend got engaged. And then she asked me to be a bridesmaid and I cried a little. I’ve loved weddings for so long but this will be my first time on the inside…I already spend way too much time trying to find the best bridesmaid dress out there.
  11. I was assaulted and it cost me a job. I wrote about it and it helped me get the closure that I so desperately wanted, but I’m still angry about it.
  12. The golden filter I have over Toronto started to crack, and now I find myself browsing cities that I want to end up in.
  13. I went to Osheaga, Bryan Adams, Mother Mother, Fleetwood Mac and Lizzo. Maybe even more than that? Anyway, concerts have always been a special love of mine, and that won’t change anytime soon.
  14. I had the best peaches of my life. I can’t possibly describe them, but just know that I will never forget them.
  15. I started my third job of the year. And I am exhausted.
  16. I had a death in the family. I know that this is going to happen, sadly, more often as I get older. I don’t like this and I do not like talking about it.
  17. I was the editor of Korkscrewed, a hilarious dating book that has yummy cocktail recipes. The whole experience was amazing, Jordan is a brilliant writer with more ambition than I can handle and I admire her for it.
  18. I took a break from Instagram, the beloved app I thought I would love forever. Okay I still love it, since I’ve found a way to make it more fun with collages. Also highly recommend having a personal account if you love the app but hate the politics and worth it carries in the blog world.
  19. I like being alone, but alone time can be addicting. I think that balance is good and that I like that I’m learning to do things alone too. I had my first meal solo when in Montreal and it was amazing, I went to Fleetwood Mac alone and I’ve seen a few movies alone too! This will be an ongoing trend I think.
  20. We had our first wedding in the family, and somewhere in the world there’s a video of me dancing to The Time Warp on an empty dance floor with my dad.


  21. I went to my first fitness class and then joined a gym.
  22. I learned that toxic friendships are never easy to get out of, but that whole hindsight is 20/20 thing is LEGIT.
  23. Lying in the grass reading became my favourite Sunday activity.
  24. I think we all know this but wow time flies. I’m in a weird period where everyone I know is getting engaged, having kids or both. I am one of, if not the only, single gal in the gang and while I LOVE weddings I can’t help but twitch my eye every now and then at the thought of getting married just yet. I want to figure out my own life first before I share it with someone else.
  25. 100 books is a very high reading goal. It was mighty fine when I didn’t have a job but yeah…too high.
  26. A baby grabbed my hand and I burst into tears.
  27. I started understanding what I need in a relationship. Started, mind you, I’m still pretty clueless.

Let’s see what 28 brings.


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  1. October 16, 2019 / 10:25 PM

    That’s a lot of stuff in one year! But from the sounds of it, 28 is going to only build on what you’ve accomplished or learned from during 27. 🙂 But yes babies also sometimes make me cry.

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