30 Before 30

30 things I absolutely must do before I turn 30.

  1. Start a blog (and not stop a month in)
  2. Grow sunflowers
  3. Ziplining (or anything equally as scary)
  4. Get organized on every level
  5. Paint again
  6. Stay in an apartment for more than a year
  7. Take up yoga
  8. Check out an art gallery (wine optional)
  9. Go on a weekend vacay solo
  10. Get an (adult) job
  11. See a movie alone
  12. Go to the top of the CN Tower (I live in Toronto, I know)
  13. Write a full short story
  14. Send handwritten letters
  15. Graduate (!!!) 
  16. Bake a pie from scratch
  17. Learn an entire song on the uke
  18. Find the best french toast in the city
  19. Go on a wine tour
  20. Buy my own dog
  21. Have an entire roll of film turn out
  22. Europe
  23. Be able to afford the bag
  24. Get and stay active
  25. Explore (at least) five used bookstores in the city
  26. Have a spa day
  27. Celebrate my champagne birthday the proper way
  28. Fill an entire notebook 
  29. Daisy tattoo
  30. Not freak out about leaving  my twenties behind