6 Style Secrets to Wearing Glasses on Your Wedding Day

If you wear glasses then you already know they can be a fabulous accessory. You can always match a pair to any occasion and really top off your outfit. Why should your wedding day be any different? Seen as you’re getting a new dress on the day you could treat yourself to some new matching frames for the wedding as well. You could even save money by using your old lenses. With the right style tips, you can actually highlight your features and your makeup. After spending all this time planning the perfect wedding day, you want to see it clearly. Here are six style secrets for brides wearing glasses.

Find the frames that suit your face

If you already wear glasses then you’ll know that the shape is important. Choose the frames that suit your face shape and hair. The best glasses for you depend on whether you have a round, square, oval, triangle, or heart-shaped face, for example. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable, this is how you get those perfect wedding pictures. Wear the glasses that suit you and that feel the most natural. If you would like to browse through some new frames, find more info on some online collections. 

Have fun with retro

Photo by: Bekir Temel

Retro and vintage styles are always popular for weddings because they create a class, timeless look. If you want to have a little fun, why not pick out some retro eyewear? You could combine this with one of the latest vintage hairstyles trending for weddings at the moment. One particular tip with long hair is not to tie it back too tightly. Leave some soft touches to frame your face, especially if you wear glasses. This will help them blend in a bit more. Look into vintage decor and accessories to complete the theme.

Match the theme on the day

You’ve planned your perfect wedding day, so why not match your glasses to the theme? This might be a simple color scheme or a more specific theme such as the holidays or a summer beach wedding. You can choose the glasses that go best with the other ideas you’ve put together. It’s the perfect opportunity to show off a bit of your own style and talents for design. Go with your instincts and remember it’s your day. You can wear glasses you wouldn’t normally, and add a little more glamor to your wedding theme.

Accent your brows, and eyes

If you’re planning to do your own wedding make-up, ensure you make your eyes pop under our glasses. One tip is to accent your brows. Full eyebrows are trending at the moment so you could even consider getting an HD brow treating before the big day. If you’re going with a professional make-up artist instead, get them to work with your glasses. Many brides choose not to wear them on their wedding day, but this is a mistake, as they can enhance your features if you do it right.

Match accessories

There are other accessories you can match to your outfit so don’t stop at glasses. Check out some of the best wedding earrings, for example. Your wedding is the right time to be more over the top and dressed than you normally would be, so with the perfect combination of glasses and earrings, you could really accentuate your features. Try to match the style. If you’re wearing a strapless dress, for example, draw attention downwards with drops of chandeliers. If your glasses are simple and elegant, opt for studs or pearls.

Add some sparkle

It’s always fun to add sparkle to your wedding day. This is a time to celebrate so make sure your glasses match the occasion. You could opt for some glitter frames if this is a general theme on your wedding day. You can try balancing out your glasses with other sparkly accessories if you think they stand out too much. It’s important to find the right balance so that your outfit is on point on your special day.

Glasses make a fantastic accessory for any bride. Plan your outfit on the day to include some stylish new frames. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, you could even get sunglasses to match, or some transition lenses. Even if you don’t wear glasses normally, this is an important consideration. Glasses are another great way to add your own unique style to your outfit on the day. They should be part of your theme and your bridal accessories.



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